The Truth About Charles Taylor

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Taylor implicated in Abramoff influence-peddling schemes: Emails obtained by the Associated Press implicate North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) in a complex scheme with several other congressmen and senators to benefit one of convicted felon Jack Abramoff’s clients . . .

Officials closely tied to Taylor's Savings & Loan convicted of fraud, money laundering: In 2001, two close political and business associates of North Carolina Rep. Charles Taylor (R-11) pled guilty and were convicted of bank fraud and conspiracy to money laundering involving loans of $2.27 million . . .

Taylor wields congressional influence to reap profits in Russia:

While sworn to represent the interests of his constituents and those of the United States, Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC) agressively pursued his own financial interest, purchasing a Russian bank with a former KGB operative . . .

Taylor submitted legislation written by General Electric: North Carolina Representative Charles Taylor's (R-11) staff added language to a budget bill in 2005 to favor General Electric (GE) Corporation. In fact, according to the Albany Times-Union a member of Taylor's staff said GE drafted the initial language . . .

Taylor tied to inadequate bank security, 3 deaths: On May 16, 2003, a bank teller and two customers were murdered in a bank owned by Charles Taylor's holding company. Vulnerable because of several ignored security recommendations, the Blue Ridge Savings Bank branch in Greer, SC was robbed of an estimated $2,000 to $3,000 at 1:30 p.m. . . .

Taylor leaves bacon in DC: Although cited as reason to support him in years of endorsements there's no evidence North Carolina Rep. Charles Taylor (NC-11) actually "brings home" any "bacon" . . .

Local or federal: Taylor fails to comply to Regulations: In addition to the numerous banking and violations attributed to Representative Charles Taylor's (R-11) Asheville-based Blue Ridge Savings Bank (link to articles on S&L), the Congressman has also been found in violation of several FEC regulations, Asheville housing and zoning codes and occupancy permits . . .

Taylor repeatedly refuses to pay property back taxes: North Carolina Congressman Charles Taylor (R-11) received forestry tax breaks on land owned in Jackson County, NC. In 1998, when requested, Taylor refused to submit a land management plan to prove it warranted that tax break . . .


I love this post

It's easy for me to get caught up in posting about only the latest Taylor malfeasance while neglecting to inform folks about the long history of bad government, bad ethics, and bad juju coming out of Taylor's office.

Thanks, Martha!

btw, make sure you check out Charles Taylor for Congress. There's a comment section enabled now, and in the thread is a link to a story about Taylor's campaign against Maggie Lauterer. It illustrates the kind of dirty campaigning Taylor likes to use. It can help us prepare for the inevitable lying from Charles Taylor.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Martha, DQ, Dan

I suspect Dan may have written this, but there's no byline. It's from DEMbloggers, and it lists over 50 veterans' bills that Charles Taylor declined to co-sponsor.


Scrutiny Hooligans -

I plan to add this link

and Dan's vet links to a general overview post on taylor vis avis ethics & hypocrisy. but first I'm going to finish my russian bank post and then the Abramoff stuff (linking to you!) and then get some rest!

And then look for other BlueNC links I've overlooked. Feel free to let me know about anything else.

Something Else

Here's an interesting table of Industry Contributions to Taylor's Campaign. Guess which industry is number one?


Scrutiny Hooligans -

maybe he's just ripped them off

one too many times. what I want to know is what was going on with all those fraudulent loans. We have NO IDEA what happened with all the money.

They all paid it back, we can assume. (Except for the car dealer, Cagle, who got caught becaue he defaulted (and we can assume he was spending the money trying to get out of debt.) )

But no one's ever figured out what the fraudulent loans were for? And why these people were savvy enough businessmen to pay them back but not savvy (or legitimate) enough to get legitimate loans.

Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Thank you

More stuff for my general ethics post that one day will actually get posted. Keep the facts and links coming, everyone. Thank you, Screwy.

Any ideas on who "retired" is?

I clicked on it and Hillary is the top recipient of "retired" money. Over a mil. Is it like AARP and thoe folks? And, if so, what is he doing for them?

Retired includes individuals who list

retired as their employment...

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I would love to hear Taylor explain how he can support spending $600 million on the North Shore Road to nowhere that no one wants, yet he cannot find it within himself to fund the Blue Ridge Parkway adequately. Where are his priorities? What is he thinking?
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