TPJ endorses Robin Hudson

This e-mail from The Political Junkies speaks for itself:

In the four years that The Political Junkies has published, this is the first time that we have felt is necessary to write North Carolina readers individually, But, on Tuesday night NC Democrats could be asking, “What happened?”

One critical seat on the North Carolina State Supreme Court is at stake Tuesday. Two Democrats, in a four candidate “non-partisan” field, are vying to make the November “non-partisan” general election.


The e-mail goes on to say what I've been asserting all along:

The other Democrat is Bill Gore, but Bill Gore is not a Democrat as most in our Party view a Democrat. He is openly running on a right wing agenda that competes with any radical Republican. Gore has unabashedly demonstrated that he is a strict constructionist, who does not believe in the separation of church and state, and who would vote against Roe v. Wade, which recognizes a woman’s reproductive rights.

The State Supreme Court race has received scant attention in the mainstream media. Early voting indicates that the turn out will be very light on Tuesday and with a light turn out a fringe candidate such as Gore could become the representative of the Democratic Party in the Fall.

Therefore, it is up to every Democrat in the State to educate our brethren as to the stakes in this judicial race. Time is short, the need is great, and the consequences could haunt NC for years to come.

Please take a moment of your time and read the URGENT ALERT that is . . .[cut and pasted below]. Email and call your Democratic friends.

At the end of Tuesday night, Democrats should be proud of their Supreme Court selection, not asking, “What happened?”

We are honored that you make TPJ a part of your political reading.

Stephen T. Gheen
712E Constitution Drive
Durham, NC 27705

Here's amdoyne's blog and Targater's blog.

And here's the TPJ attachment:


The “non-partisan” races for one State Supreme Court seat and two NC Court of Appeals seats are the only statewide elections on the ballot this Tuesday. These races do not receive extensive media coverage even though these offices are some of the most important in North Carolina.

TPJ has endorsed three Democrats for the on the ballot this Tuesday. They are:


TPJ believes based upon reports from across the State, that Judge Hunter and Judge Stephens will be nominated as top vote getters and head to the November election (the top two candidates move to the November election).

JUDGE HUDSON’S race has had some disturbing developments that every Democrat should consider. Some background information is necessary.

First, Republicans have endorsed, as expected, Judge Anne Mari Calabria, who, like Judge Hudson, is currently sitting on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. TPJ has noted that Calabria, consistent with her Republican background, has written a number of judicial opinions that express partisan political philosophies.

Second, conventional political wisdom suggests that Judge Hudson will receive the votes of most Democrats and would compete against Judge Calabria in November even though there are two additional candidates competing for this seat. Consistent with conventional political wisdom, Judge Hudson has been securing the endorsements of teachers, law enforcement, labor, attorneys and community groups. Judge Hudson has received the endorsement of most major newspapers across the State, save one major exception.

In a decision that defies logic, the Charlotte Observer has endorsed Bill Gore for the Supreme Court seat. The Charlotte Observer’s “logic:”

Judge Gore brings a sharp legal mind and a down-to-earth perspective, plus valuable grounding from years as a trial court judge -- experience noticeably scarce on the Supreme Court.

The Observer’s description of Gore as holding “down-to-earth perspective[s]” is simply mystifying. Gore completed a campaign questionnaire for the North Carolina Family Policy Council, a right wing organization. These are just a few of his pertinent responses:

Any reading of Gore’s responses demonstrates a judge who is a strict constructionist, who does not believe in the separation of church and state, and who would vote against Roe v. Wade, which recognizes a woman’s reproductive rights.

Gore is simply not a Democrat, at least as most Democrats would see themselves. More importantly, Gore’s responses undeniably indicate that he has a right wing agenda that he unabashedly would bring to our State’s highest and most important court. Would any litigant that appears in front of Gore, should he be elected, believe that he was judging with impartiality? The answer is obvious.

Democrats should not be fooled by the Charlotte Observer’s endorsement. Gore’s views are not the fair and impartial attributes of a person who is expected to ensure that justice is brought to all North Carolinians.

The problem for Judge Hudson is that every indication suggests that the voter turn out on Tuesday will be very low, perhaps only 15% of all voters. Small voter turnouts can, and in the past have, produce some very unfortunate aberrations in the selection of “fringe” candidates. From TPJ’s view, Gore’s potential nomination would represent that dire reality.

If the turn out is small, Republicans will be rather unified in voting for Calabria. There are more contested Republican primaries than Democratic primaries, and the Republican turn out may be higher proportionally than normal. This suggests that if Republicans vote for Calabria as expected, she will be one of the top two finishers. If Democrats split there votes, it is conceivable that Gore could finish second, especially if the turn out in the Charlotte Observer’s subscription area is large in comparison with the rest of the State.

Every vote will be important.

For TPJ readers in the Charlotte area, please make a special effort to contact every Democrat possible. Let them know that the Charlotte Observer obviously missed ferreting out Gore’s background and judicial philosophy. He does not represent the views of the North Carolina we know and love. He certainly does not represent the future we want for our State.

For every Democrat across the State, please renew your efforts to let everyone you know that Judge Robin Hudson is the only real Democrat running and the best choice for the North Carolina Supreme Court and our future.

Consistent with your views, we URGE readers to forward this TPJ special alert to every North Carolinian in your email address book. We simply cannot take for granted that voters will be well informed unless you take the time to provide guidance.

The State Supreme Court is the highest court in North Carolina. This Court ultimately interprets the law of North Carolina as it will be applied in all other courts and administrative agencies in the State.

A Justice should have a particularly intimate knowledge of the law and personal attributes to match the responsibilities of sitting on this Court. First, an intimate knowledge of the extensive body of law is essential. That knowledge comes not only from a Justice’s legal background, but from a broad range of legal experience, including trial and appellate court experience.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, a Justice should have the ability to envision the application of law as it effects citizens throughout the State. Legal principles are not applied in a vacuum; they effect the affairs of individuals and businesses. Having the vision to interpret the law to provide justice comes from not only a superior knowledge of the law but from rich and varied life experience.

Third, a Justice of Supreme Court must be able to balance the often competing forces in legal disputes with a commitment to balancing the application of the law to fashion a system of justice that is fundamentally fair to all citizens. In order to have a true system of justice, a Justice of the Supreme Court must be willing to hold the rights of one individual as important as those of the State or powerful economic interests.

Judge Hudson has superlative qualifications in each of these areas. Judge Hudson currently sits on the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the State’s second highest court. In her current position, Judge Hudson has developed an impeccable reputation as highly knowledgeable in the law, fairness in her decisions and a very strong work ethic. Former Chief Justices Burley Mitchell, James Exum, and Henry Frye, have endorsed Judge Hudson in prose uncharacteristic for former Chief Justices:

“ of the best qualified candidates ever to run for the North Carolina Supreme Court. She is a sound legal scholar who is fair and impartial...She believes judges should apply the law, not promote their own agendas.”

Judge Hudson is exactly the type of Supreme Court Justice that North Carolina needs.





Is it OK if I just print your whole durned piece over at The Southern Dem? It saves me time writing it up and you're right, the email says it all.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


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