Total Political Chaos in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Shades of the Madame Justice North Carolina Supreme Court Race in 06!

The race has become an unlikely proxy for the larger political disputes rocking Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Because they took public financing, the two candidates can spend no more than $400,000 each on their campaigns, but outside groups and special interests are dumping so much money into the increasingly bitter race that total spending is expected to top $5 million, according to Politico.

For example, a group calling itself “Citizens for a Strong America” is claiming in a TV ad that “”Kloppenburg is so extreme, she even put an 80-year-old farmer in jail for refusing to plant native vegetation on his farm.” But when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Politifact team went looking for the group, allegedly based in Beaver Dam, Wisc., it found no trace of it.

“…. there are no Beaver Dam phone numbers listed for Citizens for a Strong America,” Politifact found, “or for Veronica Johnson, a person identified as having placed the TV ad.” (It also found the ad in question “ridiculously false.”)