Today's Letter to "My Senator" Ralph Hise

Below the fold, today's email to Ralph Hise. These emails are becoming more and more frequent.

Dear Senator Hise:

Again I write with amazement and exasperation at the radical agenda you and your colleagues are pushing forward in the General Assembly. Here is a laundry list of simply astonishing legislation that is obviously not representative of any reasonable segment of North Carolinians:

-- S675: Require Community Service. The State and Local Government Committee has apparently decided to turn the basic principles of accounting upside-down by classifying a lease as an "asset." Is the intent to require people receiving unemployment benefits to wear jumpsuits with a big "U" emblazoned upon them, or those requiring food stamps to wear similar attire with a big "H"?

-- H452: Judicial Elections Changes. When did it become a good idea to let the rich and powerful buy the judicial branch of government?

-- S352: Restore Confidence in Government. This really should be entitled "Disenfranchisement of Poor, Elderly, Shut-Ins, and Minorities" Act, and the "$20 million boondoggle" bill.

-- S411: "Vote the Person, Not the Party" Act. You should hope Governor Perdue allows this to become law, because in 2012 you certainly don't want to be associated with the Radical Republicans who are pushing their radical agenda. Assuming that the upcoming round of redistricting keeps Waynesville in your Senate district, you can rest assured that everyone I know will know your name, which will be Mudd in these parts.

-- S761: "Consumer Finance Amendments." Another innocent sounding title for a bill that would allow lenders to prey upon those already struggling to make ends meet, including soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines based in North Carolina.

Texas-based singer-songwriter Iris Dement wrote a song a few years ago called "Wasteland of the Free." The chorus describes exactly what is happening in North Carolina:

Living in the wasteland of the free
Where the poor have become the enemy.
Let's blame our troubles on the weak ones --
Sounds like some kind of Hitler remedy.
Living in the wasteland of the free.

Since when, Senator, did the poor, the widow, and the fatherless become the enemy?