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Much better than I would have posted...

I'm waiting for the girls to get up and at 'em. I have a friend who is going to keep an eye on them while I go work the polls for Larry. I can't be there for the early morning rush ;) I will miss all 5 voters.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

i voted...

Just voted. Wasn't much on the ballot for me today...most of the dem seats here are uncontested.

But I was mostly motivated by the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals seats. I figured, we can't vote to keep right-wingers off the federal courts...but at least we can vote to keep them off the state courts.


Thanks, RR.

I voted also and it is really, really low

At my western Wake county poll located in Cary. at 11 am
only 30 voters have turn out. In the City election last
Nov the turnout at that time was about 120. We are looking
at a State Wide vote in the judical races at 6 % to 9%


Where I was, one of the poll workers actually had fallen asleep. I feel so sorry for them!

Done and Done.

My 8th District vote is in the books for Larry Kissell. is worse than slow in Mecklenburg County

I was at two precincts for Larry this morning. One had a rep from the Black Political Caucus and she was handing out a piece that had their endorsement for Larry front and center. There were no other candidates or their signs there, so I headed to another precinct that was close by and Larry had 3 signs out and there were zero for his opponents and there were no precinct workers. From 6:30am until 12:15pm this precinct recorded 22 votes. I headed back to the first and it had recorded 31 votes.

I love Larry, I really do....but I headed to vote and to come home and spend time with the girls. They go to dance at 5:30 and I don't pick them up until 7:30, so I will work another poll that is about 10 minutes from the studio tonight.

My precinct (in the 12th) had 50 votes. The new machines are easy and I liked seeing the paper ballot scroll up as I voted.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Anybody know

around what time we'll start to see some projections?

Not sure

Here in Orange County, we usually have final tallies in by 8:30 or so. But I know from past years that some counties take WAAAAAYYYYYYYY longer.

Last primary (September) there were no exit polls

We didn't see any returns in Meck Co until at least 9pm. I'm always on the board of elections page refreshing by 7:45 or 8:00. It depends on how far the poll I'm working is from the closest computer...:)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I was 109 in my precinct.

Yes it was neat to see the number of voters already. I voted about 4pm and there were only 108 before me. There are 3800+ voters in my precinct, so that's about a quarter of a percent. One way to look at this is my vote is really worth almost 30 votes. I bet with everybody having new machines, there will be additional delays while the kinks are worked out of the system.

One concern I have about the optical scanners is an article I read recently
"1) The Diebold optical-scan system that is used to count most of the votes in Vermont has been found to have illegal software code on it.

An independent testing agency stated:"Memory card attacks are a real threat: We determined that anyone who has access to amemory card of the AV-OS, and can tamper it (i.e. modify its contents), and can havethe modified cards used in a voting machine during election, can indeed modify the electionresults from that machine in a number of ways.

The fact that the results are incorrect cannot be detected except by a recount of the original paper ballots."The "interpreted code" found on the memory cards is like a "back door" that allows anyone at LHS or Diebold to alter the results of an election, without leaving a trace of evidence. This type of code is specifically banned by the Federal Election Commission for this very reason.In other words, with a very important election coming up - including for Governor, Senate, and Congress, the results of the election could be altered and we would never know. Our democracy is seriously at stake!" h/t to Cut to the Chase
Although its vermont, I bet the machines are similar... I wish I'd looked at mine even more closely. I found it disturbing that you put it in face up,and the poll worker stayed close, to make sure it worked, but I felt like the privacy of my vote was not there. Paranoid, I know. :)

Paranoid is good.

I think there's plenty of reason to be highly concerned about the integrity of all this equipment. Though some dismiss such concerns as wacko conspiracy theories, it seems pretty clear that there was either (1) manipulation of machines or (2) gross incompetence in several states during the last presidential election. The problem for me is knowing what do to about it other than insist on the old paper trail.