TN's backwood politics may cause a loss for Democrats across this country!

The blogs have helped NC - I am hoping the favor will be returned, please pass this around the blogs and the net.

Does the TN Democratic Party ask for help and get ignored? Do they just not ask? Do they just want the rest of the Democrats in this country to ignore what seems to be the GOOD OLD BOY passage of politics - you know the keep your nose out of my back yard type of politics? Well I have some big news for the Democrats in TN, the 2006 elections aren't just about Tennessee! Democrats all over this country are working hard to put a democratic Senate and House in place. So, what is wrong in Tennessee, and especially in Harold Ford Jr's back yard - Memphis, Shelby County, West Tennessee?

Wake up Tennessee, you are a part of the country and the rest of America's Democrats are counting on you!

Tennessee Democrats are in need of dire help NOW!

I went to a local Democratic meeting yesterday and came away dismayed - should I give up - I see little hope here for the West end of TN - (I have my doubts for this state anyway-but beyond that) this can shake the most steadfast Democratic heart! Only the Mighty-Thunder of the bloggs and the netroots can help save this one!

There are 2 Democrats running in races here that are going away and no attention - don't even ask me where the funds are from the TN Democratic Party, or who's getting them and I believe they have a very new look to THEIR WEBSITE, but these two candidates need serious help.

National figure Harold Ford Jr.'s vacated seat was won in the primary by Steve Cohen.
Harold Ford Jr. has yet to endorse him. Steve ran with a total of 15 or so for the primary, he won; his district has of course a large ethnic factor. Steve is white and he ran and got 20% of the African-American vote and he won. There were maybe only 2-3 White's running in this primary. His major contenders were African-American. So he really did outstanding to win this primary which historically has been a Ford seat. Also, his major contender has not endorsed his win and I don't think any of the others (African-American) have either, "she had close to a million dollars for her campaign and I only had about $300,000 for mine", he said yesterday at the meeting.

There are some major sour grapes going on here, by the losers who contend that the seat should be African American! I am trusting that those who lost, are not sour enough to turn this into an issue about race and hurt all of America's Democrats by doing so.

Anyway - now throw in the fact that Harold's Cousin Jake Ford is running as an independent, but is doing the Lieberman 2 step, I guess, by thinking he would really be Democrat and he would be with the Democrat caucus.

Bah Hum Bug! Then run on a Democrat ticket and take the seat fairly, have we learned anything from Lieberman - I guess not!

Of course the seat will be in serious jeopardy of going Republican!

Now we have issue number 2!
Bill Morrison is running for District 7 against none other then Marsha Blackburn. A lot of you have heard of her, I am sure. She is a rising star (I believe - she thinks) and is all about the let's take a trip and get in some of Frist's and Bush's photo op moments. (She reminds me of the I can't do enough for George W. Bush type - oh everything is wonderful in the land of republican make believe - aren't I just marvelous - I'm a republican - you know the type, IMO).

Mr. Morrison needs help, and serious funds - he has no campaign location, his people are meeting where ever they can and this is September. They need serious help. He needs volunteers and a whole lot of dollars. This is far worse than Lamont's situation, he is a millionaire - Bill Morrison is a teacher.

Harold Ford Jr. should be endorsing Steve Cohen and so should all those who ran against him in the Primary and I don't care what their ethnicity is!

If you can help, please do so, if it is only by spreading the word across the blogs, and or a few dollars please, please do so. We need the seats for America's sake!


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Bill Morrison:
Steve Cohen:



We know just how you feel.

NC may be a little bit ahead of Tennessee, but we've a long way to go. The backroom dealings and good old boys and vote buying and back-scratching is just about enough to make a good progressive sick to death. But that's the hand we're dealt here in NC, and by god, we're going for broke.

I appreciate you coming by and I'll do my best to spread the word and direct folks to the candidates you suggest. And in the meantime, just keep on ranting and raving and kicking and screaming and kissing and hugging and doing whatever it takes to stir up interest and enthusiasm. We're in it for the long haul because . . . well, because there's really no other choice.

Good luck.