Time For North Carolinians To Stand Up!

The time is drawing near, and the hour is late. This Mid-Term election is not like any other in the history of this country and North Carolina will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the nation.

In North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District, voters have a real opportunity to both shock and shape the future of this country. The democratic candidate, Marshall Adame is, by far, the best hope that the 3rd District has had in over 20 years. Marshall Adame is highly qualified, brings a wealth of international diplomatic experience, served on Congressional Commissions, and has served his country in war. This man is a reliable member of the community that has only one purpose....to serve the people of the 3rd District, stand with his neighbors when legislature is passed by the state that hurts the people of his community and his district, and to bring an active interest in improving the economic state of the 3rd District. It's time the 3rd District has a Congressman that is ready to roll up his sleeves and get things done for the people of the district and the people of this country. Marshall has and will always put the people first.

Walter Jones Jr. has had 20+ years to make a difference in the 3rd District, and he has failed. During his tenure North Carolina has become a state that led the nation in 2013 in job loss. The 3rd District's economic situation is dire. Booming towns such as Kinston, that once thrived, boasting a semi-professional baseball team and a business community that was growing, under Walter Jones Jr's representation is now a shell of it's former self.

Businesses are dying and the community is suffering, while Walter Jones Jr. does nothing. Walter Jones Jr. does nothing because he believes that his family name will carry him...and what's sad, for the last 20+ years he's been right. Walter has no incentive to do anything. But what is more heartbreaking is that, because of his standing in Congress, the lack of trust in him from both Democrats and Republicans, he can't get anything done....even if he wanted to.

Walter Jones Jr. in 20+ years in Congress does not hold a seat on a single committee where he is a ranking member. Walter Jones Jr. has NEVER had a single piece of legislature that he has written make it the House floor. Walter Jones Jr. is one of the most absentee Congressman in the entire House,missing on average 30% of votes. Friends he has no new ideas for North Carolina, he has no influence to help his district and he needs to be replaced.

Everything I have said about Walter's record is part of the public record. It's time to elect a candidate that North Carolina can be proud of. A candidate that will bring fresh ideas and innovative strategies to the US Congress and to the people of the 3rd District. A candidate that can build a record that the people of the 3rd District can be proud of....after all, a Congressional Representative's record is the record of and for the people he represents.

Please, don't pass up this chance....can you and your children afford to? Elect Marshall Adame to the US House of Representatives for the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina in November. It's time for new ideas, and a new direction for North Carolina.