Time to crank out emails/faxes/letters

It seems the "Decider" has challenged congress to come up with a better idea to his failed war in Iraq and the escalation he is proposing. From CNN Politicalticker:

President Bush, on a collision course with Congress over Iraq, said Friday "I'm the decision-maker" about sending more troops to the war. He challenged skeptical lawmakers not to prematurely condemn his plan.

"I've picked the plan that I think is most likely to succeed," Bush said in an Oval Office meeting with senior military advisers.

The president had strong words for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who are lining up to support resolutions opposing his decision to send 21,500 troops to Iraq. He challenged them to put up their own ideas. "Some are condemning a plan before it's even had a chance to work," he said.

Contact Dole here:
Fax: 202.224.1100
Fax(202) 228-2981

Let them know we are listening and will keep score.