Tim Russert Got Pwned! (political cartoon)

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I really began my road to disappointment in Tim Russert during the run-up to the Iraq war. Time and time again, he failed to ask the serious questions and he also failed to call bullshit on the obvious lies told by the BushCo lackeys that floated across his stage. So I have been questioning Russert's credibility for some time.

A free press is supposed to be the Fourth Branch Of Government and Russert needs to be impeached.

From ABC 7 News:

Libby's attorneys were to resume questioning the memory and scruples of NBC News reporter Tim Russert on Thursday and have said their first batch of witnesses will all be journalists called to rebut other journalists.

Russert, the host of "Meet the Press," testified Wednesday about a July 2003 phone call in which Libby complained about a colleague's coverage. The two men tell different stories about that phone call and, because the discrepancy is at the heart of the case, the question of which to believe could be a critical jury room issue.

Libby has said that, at the end of the call, Russert brought up war critic Joseph Wilson and mentioned that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

The press should have had the common sense not to go spewing the names of our covert CIA agents to the public, it is irresponsible. And where was the story? The story was the fake Niger yellowcake, not Wilson's wife.

Tim Russert got owned and he has BEEN owned by this Administration for some time.

Someone's crack is showing.