Tim Funk Gets it Right

Tim Funk of The Charlotte Observer has a piece in the paper this morning about political candidates using blogs and other internet driven vehicles to spread their messages. Some, are still using 20th century tools like email, but others have confidently entered the 21st century and are embracing the blogosphere.

Funk gives mention to Brad Miller of Raleigh who blogs here and frequently has popular diaries at DailyKos. Quite a bit of space is given to Larry Kissell, who has advertised on blogs since the early days of his campaign and has recently started blogging himself. His first two blogs easily made the "Recommended" list at DailyKos and people all over the country have stepped up with words of encouragement and campaign contributions.

See me praise Tim some more on the flip side...

We'll forgive Tim the fact he thinks blog posts bring floods of emails. Actually, they usually just elicit positive comments below the post. For most candidates, these are positive, but for the rest of us that isn't always true. We also have to deal with negative Neds and Nellies at times. It seems there is always someone willing to rain on your parade.

For the most part, though, Tim gets it right. He obviously doesn't have a strong working knowledge of blogs which means he's pretty far behind the political reporters at those big national papers like The New York Times and The Washington Post, but we'll give him some time to catch up. He would be amazed at the well-researched stories he could find sitting right out here in the blogosphere.

One thing to note, though, is Tim didn't forget to link to the sites he mentions in his story. That's very important to bloggers and something that is impossible in the print edition of a paper. I linked to Tim's story up at the top of this post. Thanks for the nod Tim. We appreciate it.

Oh, and welcome to the blogosphere.



Thanks for finding this link, SD, and mad props to you for your tireless beating of the drum!

Front page on DailyKos Right Now!!!

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Andrew Jackson.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I know! Isn't that terrific?

I wish I'd seen it when it was first posted. KevJ posted about it downstream abit on a reposting of the poll data. I was away from the computer.

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