Tillis on Twitter

Most people in North Carolina have no idea who Thom Tillis really is. But if you follow him on Twitter, the picture is crystal clear. And ugly as sin.

Nothing paints that picture more clearly than this Tweet from Tillis encouraging people to sign a birthday card for Eric Trump. As far as I'm concerned, Tillis could just as easily been asking for applause for a bowel movement ... a disgusting display from a world-class sycophant. And remember, this happened at the same time Trump authorized the assassination of an Iranian general, triggering new tensions, new threats to American citizens, and yet another illegal Republican.

A sampling of more Thillis Thweets, for the record.

Slumming with McCrory, two losers on parade.

Putting NC on notice that he's an impartial juror*

And, of course, a chickenhawk war monger.



Absolutely no integrity

He's even worse than Burr, and that's saying a mouthful. He's been a jerk since he was first elected to the NC House, but ever since his flip-flop over the emergency declaration (Wall bullshit), he's had his nose so far up Trump's butt he has to use a snorkel to breathe.

There's a lot of important races this year, but this one is in the top five.