Thursday News: The wrong question


UNC BOG AND TRUSTEES TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHO'S BOSS: The UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees on Wednesday discussed the powers it has to make campus decisions on issues including personnel actions and tuition. That was prompted by a UNC System Board of Governors’ resolution passed this summer to amend and restate what the boards of trustees at individual campuses do. The resolution essentially asks campuses to map out where power is delegated and who decides about campus issues, from tenure to tuition. The trustees’ discussion also comes after complaints from UNC-CH faculty and the newly established Coalition for Carolina group regarding decision-making that affects campuses. Both the BOG and the Trustees should have relatively little to do. The Chancellor and Faculty department heads are not children who need to be guided, they're highly intelligent, experienced, and invested in the success of their school. No higher authority is needed.

JASON SAINE WANTS NC TO HAVE DRIVERLESS ROBOT VEHICLES: "When people see those commercials, they ask us, 'Hey, when are we going to get that in North Carolina?'" said Rep. Jason Saine, R-Lincoln. "So, hopefully, we get it here sooner rather than later.” Saine is sponsoring the bill, which already cleared the House with little opposition and could be before the full Senate later this week. Under the proposal, the vehicles couldn't go faster than 40 mph, would have to be fully insured and must follow all traffic laws. They also would have to pull over and let drivers pass them once five or more cars are behind them. "It’s not impeding traffic, but not so fast it's out of control or giving the public concern," he said. "Of course, it has to obey the speed limit, so it can't go over the speed limit either." The vehicles are fully autonomous – no one is remotely steering them unless they get into trouble – and can carry only cargo. They use navigation technology and LIDAR, a remote sensing method that uses laser pulses to measure distance, to travel along surface streets. Millions of Americans drive vehicles for a living, from tractor-trailers down to small couriers. We're already losing too many jobs due to automation, we shouldn't be pushing for this.

NC MAN WHO THREATENED CAR-BOMB IN DC IS RULED COMPETENT TO STAND TRIAL: A North Carolina man who live streamed himself threatening to blow up the U.S. Library of Congress in August is competent to stand trial, a judge said on Wednesday. The decision came after Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, from Grover, appeared in court following a month-long psychological observation period. The psychologist working with Roseberry previously told the judge she thought he had been taking medication that wasn't effective on his bipolar disorder. At that time, she thought he wasn't competent to stand trial, but believed the correct medication could improve his condition. Since switching his medication, she claims he is now competent. Until the next time he decides he doesn't need to take his meds.

NOVANT HEALTH GEARS UP TO FIRE ANTI-VAX EMPLOYEES: A North Carolina-based health care provider said Tuesday that nearly 400 of its workers face dismissal for not complying with a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination program. Novant Health Inc. said Tuesday that 1.4% of its overall workforce, or 375 employees, aren't allowed to work for refusing to take the vaccine, the Winston-Salem Journal reported. Novant unveiled its mandatory vaccination policy on July 22, saying then that it would require full compliance by Sept. 15. In a news release, Novant Health said the affected workers will have a five-day period to comply with the vaccine mandate or be dismissed. Meanwhile, UNC Health is extending the deadline for its employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine to Nov. 2. The original deadline was Tuesday. Anyone not compliant with the UNC Health mandate as of Tuesday will go into a vaccine probationary period that provides a last chance to remain employed. I'm surprised it took this long to crack down on hospital workers. I mean, come on.

TRUMP IS STILL TRYING TO UNDERMINE DEMOCRACY: Early this year, the Republican Party had its best opportunity to date to turn the page on Trumpism. But after the outrage over a Capitol riot by Trump supporters subsided, the party — even those who had criticized President Donald Trump over it — largely dropped the matter. In fact, they went on to fight the creation of a bipartisan commission to investigate the situation and even ousted a party leader, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), who called out Trump’s bogus voter-fraud claims. The upshot is that election trutherism very much lives on in today’s GOP. A look at Trump’s early 2022 endorsements shows just how intent he is upon making sure it defines the party even more moving forward. CNN’s Daniel Dale last week wrote a must-read piece on how Trump’s endorsements are clearly aimed at installing loyalists as secretaries of state in key states. This could give them power over the kind of future election disputes that did not go Trump’s way in 2020. Two Michigan candidates Trump has backed — Matthew DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state — have both pushed the bogus claim that voting machines in Antrim County, Mich., changed votes from Trump to President Biden. DePerno even served as a lawyer for a man suing over the claim, while Karamo served as a GOP poll challenger at TCF Center in Detroit. She has falsely claimed, “It has been proven that it was flipping votes from Trump to Biden.”



Roseberry is a traitor and a

Roseberry is a traitor and a terrorist, just like anyone who made the choice to support the Traitor in Chief Donald John Trump. These people are hypocritical and care nothing about this country, only themselves and their warped views.