Thursday News: Talking trash

RECYCLING DOWN IN NC AS SOLID WASTE PILES UP: Several counties around the state, including those in the Triangle, are buried underneath mounting piles of trash as local leaders figure out how to dig out from under a growing problem that, left unsolved, will only get worse. "We're doing our best to deal with these things," said John Roberson, who is solid waste director for Wake County. Wake and other local counties are each taking different routes to adequately deal with the thousands of tons of trash that is delivered to landfills and recycling centers. But according to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, the amount of trash being taken to many county disposal sites is growing. North Carolina residents each year dispose of over $41 million worth of plastic. The state's residents toss nearly $17 million worth of steel products every year. About $270 million worth of goods that can be recycled is disposed of every year.

MCCRORY STILL BABBLING ON ABOUT COOPER AND HB2: The issue resurfaced last week when Gov. Roy Cooper, the Democrat who unseated Republican McCrory, announced a proposed settlement in a lawsuit challenging the law that replaced HB2 in March. The settlement would allow transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity while in state government facilities controlled by Cooper's Cabinet agencies, such as state parks and highway rest stops. McCrory told WBT he agrees with legislative leaders who oppose the deal. "He brings up bathrooms again without even defining what transgender is, and is making things extremely confusing," McCrory said. "He seems to like controversial social issues. But when a liberal does it, the media gives him a free pass. When a conservative does it, it's a bad thing to do."

DISTRICT ATTORNEY INDICTED WITH FELONIES IN WIFE-HIRING SCHEME: A yearlong case against two prosecutors seemed stagnant until Tuesday, when surprise indictments accused former Person-Caswell County District Attorney Wallace Bradsher of multiple felonies. A Wake County grand jury indicted Bradsher on charges of felony conspiracy, obtaining property by false pretense, aiding and abetting, three counts of obstruction of justice and misdemeanor failure to discharge the duties of his office. The State Bureau of Investigation had spent 880 hours investigating allegations that Bradsher and Blitzer had hired each other’s wives in a scheme to collect $48,000 in unearned salaries during a 15-month period.

NAACP ISSUES TRAVEL WARNING FOR FLYING ON AMERICAN AIRLINES: The NAACP IS warning African-Americans that if they fly on American Airlines they could be subject to discrimination or even unsafe conditions. American’s CEO said Wednesday that he was disappointed by the announcement and that American wants to discuss the matter with the civil rights group. The NAACP said that for several months it has watched a pattern of disturbing incidents reported by African-American passengers. Among them were separate cases in which an NAACP official and another civil rights activist were kicked off flights. In an interview with The Associated Press, new NAACP President Derrick Johnson said they are not boycotting American Airlines, but the sheer numbers of events made them feel like they had to issue a warning.

NRA'S "MURDER INSURANCE" PLAN UNDER SCRUTINY BY REGULATORS: An insurance policy offered by the National Rifle Association is under scrutiny by insurance regulators after gun-control groups raised questions about how it's being marketed. Carry Guard insurance was launched earlier this year by the nation's most powerful gun lobbying group and is being promoted to gun-owners as needed coverage to help cover civil and criminal legal costs in cases when they shoot someone in self-defense. Gun-control advocates have called it "murder insurance," because they believe it would lull gun owners into a false sense of security and encourage them to shoot rather than try to avoid confrontations. New York state financial regulators have launched an investigation into how it's being marketed and whether the NRA is illegally receiving commissions without proper licensing.