Thursday News: Dirty tricks by GOP pricks

CLUB FOR GROWTH DARLING TED BUDD USES FAKE WEBSITE TO ATTACK DEM OPPONENT: Manning filed her candidacy Wednesday for the Democratic nomination in North Carolina’s 13th District, a seat now held by first-term Republican Rep. Ted Budd. Manning’s announcement was first reported by The News & Record in Greensboro. If you want to find out more about Manning, you can always visit her website. But Budd’s campaign already claimed, offering its assessment of “The Real Kathy Manning” and labeling her as “an establishment Democrat insider” with ties to national Democratic political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

LOOMING EXPIRATION OF DACA HAS IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR ADVOCATES IN NC WORRIED: "Overall immigration policy needs to be solved at the federal level. The reason we're even dealing with it at the state level is because the federal government under both parties has failed to find a solution," said state Rep. Grier Martin, D-Wake, who attended a roundtable Wednesday on technology workers and immigration reform. Immigrants make up nearly 8 percent of North Carolina's population, and the state is home to about 27,000 people in the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The program, which Trump ended in September, allows young adults who came to the U.S. illegally as children to work and go to school without fear of deportation. If Congress doesn't act before members leave Washington for the holidays, changes won't take effect before DACA permits begin to expire in March, according to immigrant advocates.

ATLANTIC COAST PIPELINE FURTHER DELAYED BY AIR PERMIT QUESTIONS: The proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, already more than a year behind schedule, missed another deadline Wednesday when North Carolina regulators said they will not issue an environmental permit by Dec. 15 as had been expected. The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality sent the pipeline’s developers a request for more information on Monday, saying the request indefinitely suspends the deadline to issue an air quality permit for a planned compressor station that will push the natural gas downstream through the underground pipeline. The date to issue a decision on the air quality permit will now depend on the promptness of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s responses and the amount of time it takes state officials to review the materials.

NORTH KOREA SAYS WAR IS INEVITABLE IF US CONTINUES WAR GAMES IN SOUTH KOREA: North Korea says a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula has become a matter of when, not if, as it continued to lash out at a massive joint military exercise between the United States and South Korea involving hundreds of advanced warplanes. B-1Bs flyovers have become an increasingly familiar show of force to North Korea, which after three intercontinental ballistic missile tests has clearly moved closer toward building a nuclear arsenal that could viably target the U.S. mainland. The five-day drills that began Monday involve more than 200 aircraft, including six U.S. F-22 and 18 F-35 stealth fighters. North Korea hates such displays of American military might at close range and typically uses strong language to condemn them as invasion rehearsals. It has been particularly sensitive about B-1B bombers, describing them as "nuclear strategic" although the planes were switched to conventional weaponry in the mid-1990s.

AL FRANKEN'S RESIGNATION FROM THE US SENATE IS EXPECTED TODAY: A top Senate Democrat says he expects Sen. Al Franken to resign Thursday over allegations of sexual misconduct. Another woman has come forward with accusations against the Minnesota Democrat of sexual misconduct. In a tweet on Wednesday, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon said: "I expect that Senator Franken will announce his resignation tomorrow." Wyden tweeted that "It is the right thing to do given this series of serious allegations." More than a dozen Senate Democrats, led by female lawmakers, have called on Franken to step aside. The nearly simultaneous clamor for the two-term senator to quit comes a day after Michigan Rep. John Conyers, another Democrat, announced his resignation. Franken's office said in a brief statement that he will have an announcement on Thursday, details to come.