Things that North Carolina's non-profits should take from the Institute for Emerging Issues Forum

We need to go back to why we have non-profits and align that vision with how we design their structure. This week's conference at IEI talks about how to motivate workers to be creative. The model of benchmarking doesn't work for creative businesses, according to Dan Pink. I would argue that it doesn't serve non-profits very well, either. North Carolina faces some huge challenges in developing its workforce. It is important to ask questions like "what makes a teacher great" or "how can we address Leandro?" Non-profits should be finding innovative responses to problems.


Innovation all around

I feel a spark of innovation happening these days, but much more is needed. Maybe some of that new thinking will come from reaching out to find common cause with forward-thinking businesses who share progressive values. There are plenty of us out here (BlueNC is a business) and it only makes sense for us to all be working together.