"They think we're nutty, but they still like us."

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It's not every day a woman minister from Carrboro gets quoted in the New York Times, but that's just where you'll find Lisa Fishbeck today:

Bishops in some foreign provinces that benefit from Episcopal money are now leading the charge to punish the Episcopal Church or even evict it from the Communion. Some have declared that they will reject money from the Episcopal Church because of its stand on homosexuality. But church officials say that their donations continue to be accepted in every province but Uganda, and that they do not intend to shut off the spigot.

“The American church is not a pariah to everybody — some people still like us,” said the Rev. Lisa Fishbeck of Carrboro, N.C., in the Diocese of North Carolina, which is setting up a program with a diocese in Botswana. “They think we’re nutty, but they still like us.”

This is a fascinating story about the volatile mixture of money and morality in modern religion. Episcopalians give tens of millions of dollars every year to support African Anglican churches that want to split with Episcopals over the issue of homosexuality. But such a division could bring huge financial costs to poorer African communities.

Will the African Anglican leadership stand by their so-called moral principles that demand discrimination against their own brothers and sisters . . . or will they accept the "dirty" money?

Nutty indeed.

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Episcopals Push Back

This is a great move by the US Episcopal Church. They stand for equality for all god's children, so to speak, as well they should.