Thank You North Carolina Republicans!


Well, this isn't April Fools Day

Gov. McCrory and the state Republican Party continue to turn their backs on integrity, the public welfare and honesty. They continue to let convicted sex offender Harvey West, Jr. have a place in the First and Third Congressional District as well as GOP Executive Committee meetings. Third District Chairman Bob Pruitt permits Harvey, Jr. and his wife Kim Cotten to have leadership positions within the party and a "say so" at all meetings. They are going to Charlotte as delegates to the State GOP Convention.

Secondly, do any of you remember the terrible murder of a young girl on Roanoke Island in the 1970's? Well Malcomb Fearing after sending time in prison for that murder has just been appointed to the Transportation Board. It seems that all that Govenor McCrory needs is a large financial contributor and everything will be forgiven and he'll give you a nice government appointment. The West's are hoping for this too.

The GOP rants and raves against us Democrats calling us all sorts of names. They call themselves the party of GOD and openly say that all God fearing people should register and vote Republican.

Don't watch what they say - carefully watch what they do and who they allow to have leadership positions in the party and state.

Harvey, Jr. is parading around his local area telling all who will listen that he is the Republican "power broker" in the East. While the Governor and state GOP leadership allows this behavior - the blood and tears of innocent young girls call out for justice. The same applies to Fearing. He believes that money can cover up a multitude of sins and give him access to power. If you want to see Harvey West's depravity - just get a copy of his court record from the Beaufort County Clerk of Court. Reading it will make a sane person throw up.

In the last election, Harvey, Jr. worked against Congressman Walter Jones trying to defeat him in the primary. Now, he's trying everything within his power to gain access to Jones. It will be fun to watch him lie and try to cover up his words and actions.

North Carolina can not afford to have men like West and Fearing in government. God help us!

This is being done with the blessing of McCrory, Russell Peck (McCrory campaign manager and GOP activists), Robin Hayes, current State GOP Chairman, Bob Pruitt and other activists.