Tuesday Twitter roundup

Trying to lessen the damage from a heartless Legislature:

And now for a little ideological dueling:

John has never shied away from using trigger words to artificially inflate his ideas:

What does that value look like in practice? My colleagues at the John Locke Foundation have a new product designed to put a number on it: the First in Freedom Index. Using dozens of measures gathered from other think tanks, government statistics, and independent reports, JLF produced scores for all 50 states in four major categories: fiscal freedom, regulatory freedom, educational freedom, and health care freedom.

According to the initial index, North Carolina ranks 23rd in overall freedom. By this measure, the freest states in the union are Florida, Arizona, Indiana, South Dakota, and Georgia. The least-free states are New York, New Jersey, California, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

A lot of fancy talk but, once again, the real world steps in and messes up the fantasy. When looking at the speed of economic recovery from the recession, all of John's "Freedom" winners fell into the lower half of states' economic performance. Florida #40, Georgia #39, Indiana #33, Arizona #32, and the closest to the middle South Dakota's #27 is offset by this painful qualifier:

•South Dakota's July unemployment rate was down to 3.7%, the fourth-lowest among the states.
•However, average annual wages in South Dakota were lower than in other states at $37,226.

Freedom to live in squalor is not exactly the kind of "reform" the people of North Carolina would like to see, unless I'm misreading my tea leaves.

And they also don't want to be lied to by their elected officials:

GOP Dictionary revision #231: "Cut" "Freeze" and "Stabilize" are now synonyms of "Raise."

Business as usual in the NCGOP LLC:

Medicaid Director Robin Cummings said in a statement that the work covered by the contract is now in its final phase, and the extension is needed to ensure a smooth transition. That increases the contract by $970,758 to a total of $7.8 million. About $873,000 of that is for services and about $97,000 is for expenses, according to state records.

The company’s three principals have billed the state at rates of $473 an hour; five directors billed at $394 an hour; and nine analysts billed at $242 an hour. At least two of the consultants have since been hired by DHHS in full-time jobs.

Campaign finance records show that the firm contributed $25,000 to the Republican Governor’s Association in April 2012 as Gov. Pat McCrory was running for office, and that the donation was used in the campaign to help elect him. Alvarez & Marsal has made other contributions to the national association over several years.

Nothing to see here, move along folks...

"I finally found that old pair of wool socks I used to wear when I went sledding! I'm ready! For the rest of you citizens, I suggest looking in the box marked 'Kitchen Stuff.' That's where I found my wool socks."

Right, no hate crime here, he had nothing against those Muslim savages...

Yeah, we've never said that. You guys, however, have stated numerous times that, "Private sector investments are always better than government programs," or some variation on that absolutist chant. And it's always laughable to see you projecting your own extremism onto others.

Nope, this year it will be, "Don't put on your stupid socks. Take some time to find the wool ones."

This is even more disgusting than the usual RWNJ blather.

Well, it's a start:

Interim executive director Mitch Leonard said Monday that he has ordered an independent review of SEANC's policies, procedures and practices "to determine what, if anything, could have been done to prevent this situation from happening and guard against such events in the future."

An internal investigation, he said, "perhaps, did not go far enough and did not provide enough actionable information to make the necessary changes to ensure this will not happen again."

Perhaps? :o

Running government like a business...That is careening towards Chapter 11.

I really just wanted to get the picture of the homemade mask up here. ;)

Although it occurred before the last election (2010), conservative evangelicals in the Tar Heel state are still in dismay over Sen. Richard Burr’s decision to support the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” regarding gays in the military. Burr said he thought repeal of the policy was generationally right. But Christians believe that God is the same from age to age. One can’t thumb his nose at what God says is exceedingly sinful and expect a positive result.

Since the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, the Family Research Council has rightly claimed it has resulted in a rising rate of sexual assault where most of the victims were not female, but male.

It never ceases to amaze me that national Republicans give this idiot (Hyde) so much money to play around with. If the dude ran unopposed for election to his homeowners association, he'd still figure out a way to f**k it up and lose...


One would have to think that some state officials are having second thoughts this morning about laying off 500 or so Department of Transportation employees as the state Senate proposed last week. As one look out the window will remind all of us, these are the kinds of days on which it’s hard to have too many dedicated public employees keeping our highways and byways clear and drivers safe. That said, one must wonder just how engaged state Transportation Secretary Tony Tata is in the discussion of the issue.

Last night, as the brunt of the winter storm was blasting North Carolina, the Secretary was right where you’d expect him to be: plugging his latest novel and offering foreign policy advice on Fox News. He (or his publicist — it’s never clear who is on the account at any time) was even tweeting about it last night while DOT road crews were out there risking life and limb for their fellow citizens.

So much for McCrory's "all hands on deck" during a state of emergency. Which, considering the blind-to-irony nature of most Republicans, will probably be the title of Tata's next novel.

Somebody find him some cheese to go with this whine:

Instead, you have attempted to belittle our state legislature, impugn the will of the voters of North Carolina, ignore our state constitution and object to the notion of full and complete representation before our nation’s judiciary.

It is tragic that you do not write about the truth that children are created through the union of their father and mother and that all of history has shown the best environment for raising children is with their married father and mother.

No, what's a shame is your lack of concern for the hundreds of thousands of North Carolina children who are struggling with poverty, and when you completely ignore the families who have unnecessarily suffered under this Legislature from cuts to unemployment and the inept management of the Food Stamp system. And you have the nerve to fashion yourself a "Family Policy Council"? They used to tar and feather charlatans like you, but instead you draw a healthy paycheck while rubbing noses with elected officials. SMFH.

On that frustrating note, it's Onion time:

Okay, that's a little too close to home. I have several female former co-workers whose pictures I "like" and even comment on from time to time...Let's try another:

:) I know, it's stupid, but I can't stop laughing.



Bottom feeder...

Balancing his budget on the backs of those who are already stooping under the weight of trying to survive.

Looks like I'll be cancelling

my AAA membership. A monthly BS tour magazine full of rehashed articles and inflated dues are pretty tiresome.

Me too

I know they just reduced the benefits for the same annual dues. Trying to get everyone to the premium (or whatever) level. if you're interested in how to measure tread depth with a coin, I'll send you my latest copy. :)

I let the guy at "Earl's Full Service" down the road measure mine.

I cancelled my membership a while back...

I used to drive over 30K miles/year but now drive less than 2K miles so I cancelled --- but now they send me as much or more snail mail trying to get me to re-join. And that vapid "magazine" keeps coming. Poor trees. What a thing to die for.