The temptations of St. Mark

You may well wish to have no idea who Mark Walker is, and he probably prefers it that way too. But that sad truth is, we have to know these things. Follow me below the fold, please. And be sure to steel your stomach.

To put it simply, Congressman Mark Walker (R-6) is one of North Carolina's Tea Bagger darlings: anti-woman theocrat who can't be bothered to actually think about the complex issues we're facing. Instead, he reliably babbles ALEC talking points, with no actual understanding of what he's talking about. Witness his recent comments about the Affordable Care Act.

"New premium disclosures in North Carolina, and around the country, confirm that Obamacare will increase costs and make it tougher for families to make ends meet. I call on the president and his Democratic friends to put aside their devotion to this flawed legislation and consider common-sense, market-based alternatives and reforms that put the patient first.”

By all means. Let's go back to the "common sense, market-based alternatives" we used to have. You know, the one where scores of millions of people had no access to healthcare short of flooding into emergency rooms. The one where we enjoyed an epidemic of medical-bill bankruptcies. The one where a women is nothing more than a holy vessel for some man to breed with.

The truth is, one of the big reasons costs are going up is because insurance companies have their heavy hands in the mix, layering in administrative burden for no purpose other than bolstering their bottom lines. Until we recognize this follow and move to a single-payer, universal healthcare system, we'll continue to have people like Mark Walker pretending to care bout real people's lives. Mark Walker doesn't have a clue about how to deal with our healthcare challenges.

And healthcare isn't even one of Walker shortest suits. Remember this gem?

A followup question asked if he would have qualms about going to war with Mexico. "Well, we did it before. If we need to do it again, I don’t have a qualm about it," Walker said.

And this?

We can be green without being extreme. Much of the ‘so-called’ science of climate change is contested though it’s made a few politicians quite wealthy.

Not to worry, though. God must surely be on Mark Walker's side. So maybe all the Christians reading this can pray just a little bit harder that Mr. Walker will do less damage than he would if the devil had a hold of him.




We sure have put a stellar act in Washington, haven't we...Burr, Tillis, Foxx, Ellmers, now this nitwit.


Another war with Mexico might

Another war with Mexico might have a different outcome.