Tell Big Oil to Take a Hike

Rising gas prices is not just a pocketbook issue. It’s also one of national security.

That’s why North Carolina Democrats joined with veterans last week to encourage Congress to adopt stronger fuel efficiency standards.

And you can join us by signing this petition.

Our military puts itself in harm’s way everyday while safeguarding our access to oil supplies in increasingly unstable regions. Our diplomatic leverage becomes compromised when the wealth we transfer to these regions in oil revenues is used to fund terrorism and support extremist ideologies.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sign this petition and tell Sen. Dole to choose her constituents over big oil.

By maintaining the fuel economy provision of the Renewable Fuels Act, we will increase the average overall fuel economy to 35 miles per gallon by 2020 and save 1.2 million barrels of oil per day. That’s twice the amount we currently import daily from Iraq.

Sen. Dole supported these measures earlier this year and we expect her not to find an excuse to disappoint the thousands of soldiers and their families in North Carolina.

We can protect American soldiers and reduce our oil addiction at the same time by cutting how much we use. It’s just plain common sense.