Taylor's Indian deceptions lots lots lots uglier than has been reported

In 2003, Taylor wrote legislation favorable to a bunch of oil, gas, timber, and mining companies that had conveniently just given him far, far, far more money than Indian tribes ever have or will. In fact, that quarter alone, the same one in which Taylor's already been accused of sucking up to Indian bribery, in the donations battle, Oil and Gas beat Indians, 4-1.

And, surprise, surprise! The people being screwed by Taylor's efforts: 500,000 native Americans who are plaintiffs in a lawsuit called Cobell v. Norton that they won in 1996.

Taylor's legislative attempt to overcome a judicial decision was tossed out the next month on a point of order. (You can't legislate in an appropriations bill). So Chuckie patiently waited a half year to try a slightly different legislative tactic.

While the bill was in conference committee, and while key members were out of town, Taylor added (to that same appropriations bill) wording designed to delay the already much-delayed trust fund lawsuit settlement.

His legislative effort was called a midnight rider. And Mr. Sneaky-boy cleverly attached his little "Oh, I-really-don't-mean-to-bypass-the-committee-that-oversees-
the-trust-fund-settlement" provision to desperately needed emergency funds. Yeah, emergency funds to fight fires in then-ravaged Southern Cal. The kind of stuff no one votes against. And to add it late in the game when the rest of the bill was already decided and everyone just wanted to go home. Isn't he the smarty-pants?

The move was so disgusting even to Republicans, Delay lost 100 previously expected votes on that appropriations bill near midnight, but true evil eventually prevailed, 216 to 205. The congressional record for that "discussion" is amazing stuff.

And, as far as I can tell none of it has ever been reported in WNC.

I believe Abramoff was involved (the only blogger who made the connection has come under some criticism for jumping to conclusions. However, a story just posted on indianz.com connected Abramoff to the beneficiaries of Taylor's legislation Taylor (a gang of theives headed by the truly disgusting J. Steven Griles, a deputy Interior secretary.)

But even without proof of an Abramoff connection, there is so much evidence of "money-buys-legislative-action" that there is no excuse for every newspaper in the country not to have covered this story from June through October, 2003, when Taylor's legislative actions and his FEC reports became public record.

Over the next few days (or weeks), I plan to spend several posts pulling the ugly story together. I'll warn you, even by Taylor standards, it's ugly.

Ever heard of the Individual Indian Trust? Well, believe me, you don't want to. It started 120 years ago. And if you thought deceiving and defrauding deprived, impoverished, and misplaced aboriginal peoples only happened on other continents, in other centuries, well, I have several items I'd like to sell you.

Taylor's part in it all may have begun and ended that year, 2003. I don't know, yet. That's the thing about ugly backroom bribery scandals. Unless you have the e-mail (or the NSA wiretap transcripts!) in front of you, you're never sure of the conspiracy.

So, even though I may have very little new to add, it's clearly a story that needs to be presented to the citizens of Western North Carolina, if not the entire United States MSM-sucking population.

Here is the most recent episode to this saga, already well known in Indian Country.

Here's more with links to the best background material I've found. The Mother Jones article will rip your heart out.


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