Taylor's history of ethical and moral breakdowns

Beginning this afternoon, I will be posting a series of summaries of different incidents history of North Carolina's Rep. Charles Taylor (R-11) failures as a representative, as a businessman and as a citizen.

While each entry will be compilations from previously published articles, I feel there needs to be some place on the web (or anywhere else, for that matter) where the bulk of this information has been compiled.

I will try to keep track of my sources within or at the end of each document. But, with the massive amount of material, I am sure to make errors or oversights. I will try to correct these as noted.


Yay for Martha!

Welcome . . . and thanks so much for compiling the evidence. And indeed, Mr. Taylor is on trial. It's a big jury - all the registered voters in the district - and we can be sure he'll mount a vigorous defense. I can't wait to see what he thinks he's done for his constituents:

  • Flushed a trillion dollars on a crazy war
  • Modeled corruption and back-room deal-making so our children can learn to be like Chuck
  • Put money ahead of reason at every juncture

    Should be interesting