Tar Heel Tavern XL!

This week's Tar Heel Tavern will be hosted right here at BlueNC. For those who don't know, the Tavern is a weekly showcase of the best of North Carolina's blogs. If you've got a blog, and if you've written something tasty this week, send it to heres2@bluenc.com by sunrise on Saturday. (The Farmer's Almanac says that's 7:21am in beautiful Mebane, NC.)

This is a politics-lovin' website, so the theme this weeks is politics. If you haven't written about politics (what, so you have a life?), don't sweat it—send it anyway. The theme is more of a guideline than a rule.

Here's what to include in your email:

  • the permalink to your blog entry;
  • a short description of the blog entry; and
  • that's it, really.

I'll have the Tavern up by Saturday evening here at BlueNC. And yes, this week's tavern is named for the game the Panthers won't be playing. Sadness.