Talk about homophobic!

Pope Puppet Paul Chesser over at the Carolina Journal sure has the hots for all things homosexual. Everytime I turn around he's digging into details about the Governor's School dastardly program about the New Gay Teenager.

According to Chesser,

The New Gay Teenager” seminar was based on a book with the same name, written by homosexual Cornell University Professor Ritch Savin-Williams. The book and the Governor’s School seminar discussed whether homosexual teenagers benefit, or are harmed, by embracing labels based on their sexual orientation. The co-leaders of the seminar — 19-year-old Wesley Nemenz, a University of North Carolina at Greensboro student, and Susan Wiseman, a teacher at East Forsyth High School — identified themselves as gay. (my emphasis)

He goes on to say:

North Carolina statutes stipulate that the State Board of Education "has the sole authority to develop and approve courses and programs that concern human sexuality education." Another state law requires an "emphasis on the importance of parental involvement" and "abstinence from sex until marriage" in any such curriculum.

So answer me this: Does a discussion about the gay teens and the labels they live with rise to the level of human sexuality education?

If that's the case, I would argue that NOT talking about it could be considered human sexuality education, too.

Oh I forgot. Wingers want to pretend that gay teens don't exist. Shhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone.