Taking on tolls in Wake

A new website has popped up to fight the making of I-540 toll (and to promote a candidate for NC Senate) called stop540toll.com. Gerry Bowles (D) is trying to unseat first term Republican senator Neal Hunt by jumping on the toll issue. As I have posted before, I hate the idea of toll roads for mainly local traffic, unless you are talking about a crowded downtown area.

However, Crosstown Traffic at the N&O has noted that Bowles does not even live in the area that would become tolled. Also, despite the fact that I support Bowles' cause regardless of where he lives, I do not know that the running for NC senate would be the forum that would best address it; there are many other transportantion and planning boards that could be a more effective outlet for this issue.

Anyway having a more organized front for this fight can only be a good thing.


You're hating the wrong

You're hating the wrong thing. you should be hating the fact that we spend money to build INTERSTATE quality facilities for local traffic while letting public transportation rot during an impending liquid fuels crisis.

There is a lot going on with Wake County traffic that I hate

If you go back and read some of my earlier posts, you will notice there is a lot of what is going on in the area of transportation that I dislike. For instance, too many interstates (just encourages more sprawl and longer trips), attempting to toll local roads (cost past on to individuals needing to take the roads to work, etc.), and lack of viable public transportation (such as a regional rail).

I agree with your sentiments

There is a lot wrong with NC Transportation. However lets not forget NC pays for every road, not cities, and sure as hell not the Feds. I'm not making up excuses for anyone in the General Assembly, but if they don't get this spending under control and Governors tax cut, there will be no other way than toll roads on interstates.

Now I forsee a plan where locals should be able to drive on their roads for free, and add mass transit where the greatest use of roads are, but most of the time when it comes to "highway taxes" everyone gets hit. But do we seriously want to become the New Jersey of the South?

Also you cannot blame Bowles for making this a campaign issue instead of a Transportation Board issue. Sure you might make more headway in a committee for your cause, but if attention it is you are craving, his path is a better one.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

he probably hadn't

they all thought I was a man at first too. Gerry is typically a masculine spelling of the name. Not a big deal to assume someone using a masculine version of a name is a man. Matter of fact, if you simply put the name Gerry in a browser window and hit enter every single entry on the first two pages is for a man...except the one for Gerry Bowles.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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It's an easy thing to confuse. And it's not a big deal. Though I've got a coke and pack of 'nabs riding on it, so I'd like to know the truth, durn it.

I can't let you lose the bet

so which answer do you want to hear? hehehe

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

perhaps you win

Looks like you've just ably demonstrated the inherent difficulties conducting this bet.

Gambling isn't just a sin, it's HARD!

Settle the bet

I had not gone to the site but actually knew that it was a she from past information. It must have slipped my mind when posting--that BarBri sure does some strange things to the memory.

He could take on automated traffic enforcement ;-)

I think the toll road issue is legit considering the "double taxation" issue.

Now, if we could just get a candidate to call for repealing local municipalities "right" to deploy traffic scameras (red-light and speed cameras), we'd have a real winner.