Take a Hike, Thom

Originally posted at ydnc.org.

Today, the Young Democrats of North Carolina released it's newest :30 web ad, "Take a Hike," on GrowNCWrong.com - a website launched to fight back against the "Tillis Tax Hike," HB 998. HB 998 was passed by Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) and NC House Republicans under the guise of tax reform, but the proposal will raise taxes, on average, on the bottom 95% of North Carolinians. GrowNCWrong - a play on the pro-Tillis Super PAC - is telling the truth about Tillis's middle class tax hike and the NC House's plan to divest from everything that makes NC great.

"Years of research have shown that lowering the income tax for wealthy Americans doesn’t affect economic growth. House Bill 998 will, however, take hundreds of millions of dollars away from critical investments in North Carolina’s future," said YDNC President Sam Spencer in reference to research from the Budget & Tax Center.

Link to the Website: growncwrong.com
Link to HD Quality Video: "Take a Hike" on Vimeo

"Thom Tillis is leading the charge to divest from the public schools, health care reforms, and anti-poverty measures that will create jobs and prosperity for North Carolina," said YDNC Publicity Chair Emily Frazier Brown. "The Young Democrats of North Carolina are concerned for North Carolina's future, so we're fighting back against the Tillis agenda."

Brown continued: "The way to create jobs, attract employers, and retain an educated workforce is to provide a strong education system, family-friendly neighborhoods, and a fair chance at the American Dream. Thom Tillis is launching his Senate campaign on the backs of young and middle class North Carolinians, so we wanted to tell North Carolina how he's doing that, why it's wrong for our state, and what can be done to stop him."

GrowNCWrong.com is launching with three sections - one describing the Tillis Tax Hike, one detailing the low points of the 2013 legislative session, and one that outlines problems Republicans have with Tillis. The #TillisTaxHike hashtag is active on Twitter.


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Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail