Supporting Blue Dogs

For the last couple of years, I've been operating under the assumption that Paul Krugman was correct when he said, "Now we’re living in an age of one-letter politics, in which a politician’s partisan affiliation is almost always far more important than his or her personal beliefs."

The point is that it's more important to control committee chairmanships, control bills and floor votes, etc., etc., and I still believe that.

However, if control of Congress is not in jeopardy, I will be influenced by a sentence I heard on All Things Considered yesterday by Nina Totenburg(sp?)?. She said something to the effect that many districts that had once had moderate Republicans who believed in abortion rights were now represented by Blue Dog Democrats who do not!!

That shook me up. Of course, neither Robin Hayes nor Charles Taylor were moderate Republicans so this might not apply to NC.

Bottom line: as long as control of Congress is safely in Democratic hands, I'll be glad to support a challenger to Kissell (e.g., Rick Glazier) altho I feel that most of my support should still go to defeating Republicans.

-- ge


Sad that you say that

I really hate it that you feel that way. You seem to be saying that people that have personal beliefs even in the democratic party should shun those beliefs for the betterment of the party. Correct me if I'm wrong with what you are saying here. "Defeating republicans" should not take our soul away. If you think so, then your are what is wrong in today's political environment. If I have read your post wrong, then I am apologitic.