Support Democratic Judges Part II

I hope Targator won't mind that I'm hijacking his topic (original story found here) to add something I found on the NCDP web site. Here is a link to a handy dandy PDF printout. There are two handouts per page and it's very nicely done. This is perfect for those of us working polls on Tuesday. Even if you aren't working polls you can print a few of these off to remind family and friends which names on the ballot belong to Democrats.


SD thanks for the info!

At the JJ event last nite, The reminder was at every seat!
I hope they are at the polls this coming Tues. It was a bigh
help in 2004 ....

Glad I could help

I'm going to print a bunch up and I sent the links to my friends who will be working polls also.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Not a problem

Always feel free to expand on (or hijack) anything that I post. Especially now that exams are in full swing and I have about half an hour of free time a day. Sadly enough, right now I am just sitting here waiting for the library to open on a Sunday morning.

I didn't think you would mind

The pdf flier was so handy, but not really enough for its own front page post.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.