Stricter Gum Laws

What's all this fuss about stricter gum laws? People are yelling and screaming that all gum should be sugarless, because the sugar can rot your teeth. Others are yelling that all gum should have sugar, because we don't know how the chemical sweeteners might cause cancer or something else years from now. Others claim we need to prevent kids from buying gum, because we all know how much trouble it is to clean gum up from under the school desk. No one wants to step in gum on the sidewalk. And still others clamor that gum doesn't kill people, people kill people. Many argue that not everyone should be able to buy gum, because they haven't been trained in how to handle gum properly, or might have been convicted of a violent gum crime......

what's that? You mean stricter GUN laws? ... NEVER MIND!

(with apologies to the late, great Gilda Radner RIP)


Very funny


The road not taken

...gingivitis, etc.


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