A stern lecture

When the city-slicker announced he would build a new chicken coop for his small flock, the old farmers watched with amusement. When the city-slicker killed some of his best egg producers, the old farmers chuckled and winked at one another. When the city-slicker bought a skulk of red foxes to guard his new chicken coop, the old farmers laughed and slapped their knees. And when the city slicker published a newspaper column giving those new foxes a stern lecture about taking care of the remaining hens, one old farmer finally took him aside to offer a few words of advice

"Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, young feller, but it seems like you might want to find another line of work," said the old man. "You can blab all you want about what a critter should do, but there ain't no way those damn foxes is gonna take care of your chickens."

"You're probably right," sighed the city-slicker. "Think maybe I could get a job as the head of the State Employees Association of North Carolina?"


State employees

I'm sure Mr. Cope means well, but from where I sit, it's hard to understand what the poor boy is thinking.

I've got two words for Cope:

No Confidence

He helped bring about a situation that will devastate the ranks of the workers he's supposed to support, and no amount of editorializing is going to change that. The Union needs to take steps before he can screw anything else up.