Step Right Up: The Vermin Media Circus!

From where I sit, the mass media in America are a sad collection of voyeurs, gossips and stenographers. Even as they decry the decline in political civility, they cover nutcase candidates and their publicity stunts like cub reporters on a high school newspaper. That's what we can expect from coverage of the Vermin Robinson Three Ring Circus. Today, the Winston Salem Journal warms up the crowd.

It's only been a week since Vernon Robinson won the Republican primary in the 13th Congressional District, yet he's already ramped up to a full roar.

"Brad Miller (the Democratic incumbent) supports gay marriage and sponsored a bill to let American homosexuals bring their foreign homosexual lovers to this country on a marriage visa," a Robinson radio ad says. "If Miller had his way, America would be nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals, but if you elect Vernon Robinson, the party's over."

Ah, vintage Vernon. Don't you miss him already?

Say what you will about Verno the Inferno. But you know where he stands and - if you're even mildly interested in political shenanigans - you have to admit that Vernon is entertaining. His mere presence on the ballot guarantees slash-and-burn campaigning and national attention.

And just why would that be? Because national and North Carolina political reporters apparently have little better to do than delight in his shenanigans, serving their role as the right-wing echo chamber, extending the reach of his commericals far and wide. And in doing so, they mock the system they're supposed to report on, and feed the lunacy of the right-wing fringe.

There's more coverage of the Vermin Freak Show in the article. He's a sword swallower and a snake charmer -- and he has a forked tongue. And the media just LOVE to report on his every little move. But the sad part is, there are plenty of North Carolina voters who will be inspired by this black Jesse Helms, just so they can all get a little black boy of their own to laugh at.

My advice to Brad Miller? Ignore this clown. You've already given him more credibility than he deserves:

"We certainly have done some research to figure out what might be coming our way," Miller said yesterday. "Vernon certainly has a different method of campaigning than anybody else on the planet."

Try this instead:

We don't consider Mr. Robinson a serious candidate and he certainly doesn't represent the interests of people in my district.

I know Vermin is good for shaking lose dollars from your supporters (it worked on me), but sincere dismissal seems a far more effective strategy than any kind of engagement.


That's the exact approach Mel Watt took

when Robinson was supposedly running against Mel. He was asked about the opponent and his response was something along the lines of it will be interesting to watch....

HOWEVER - I think any pushback to Robinson's "entertainment" should simply be supporting Brad Miller and writing as often as possible about the good Brad has done for his constituents and all of North Carolina. We don't want to bring attention to Robinson by responding to his ridiculous fantasy world.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Packet in the mail

Did anyone else get a huge Vernon Robinson packet in the mail today? It was addressed to my mom, who is a democrat. Once again, it said over and over that Brad is ultra-liberal and out of touch with our voters. It was actually very well done and really made Brad look terrible. I'm afraid this packet might sway quite a few voters.