Step aside, brothers

With all due respect to my fellow white men, it's time for us to gracefully bow out of trying to run things. The world in 2016 is a freaking horror show, and white men are unarguably the source of so much that is wrong.

In case you haven't noticed, white men have been calling the shots for 7,000 years or so, and look where it's gotten us. A planet on the brink of collapse. And a political environment that is indistinguishable from an open sewer.

Women may not be better at leading the world, but they sure as hell cannot be worse. Step aside, brothers.



I hate to say it,

but you know, fuck them. Democrats who are worried about Benghazi or State Department e-mails or any of that other crap, are idiots who've been drinking from the tainted well of Faux News. The only way I'd make an effort to reach out to them is just to get close enough to leave a red hand-print on the side of their face. Or the back of their head, Leroy Gibbs-style.

Now come on guys. Us old

Now come on guys. Us old white guys aren't that bad. There are plenty of us out there that support her. She does need to show us some love though.

I'm a moderate Democrat.