A star stunted line-up

The last time I read propaganda coming out of the Evil Empire, they claimed a line-up of luminaries would grace their big conference in Raleigh. To no one's surprise, not a single one of them bothered with the sideshow.

As if to compensate, the Empire is hosting another dark event, this time in Asheville. And who are the exciting speakers you can get to see for the mere price of twenty bucks? Well, it's a powerful lineup, as I discovered from this email.

We have a powerful lineup of speakers, including: RedState.com's Erick Erickson, RaiseDigital's Justin Hart, Nevada News Bureau's Elizabeth Crum, Flat Creek's Allen Fuller, and others!

What the heck? You'd think they could at least pretend like Sarah Palin was coming.

Let me know if you'd like to attend. BlueNC will cover the $20 registration fee for any progressive activist who wants to take part in the conference, on one condition. You have to promise a post of at least 200 words reviewing your experience here. Attend the conference, write the post, and send me your receipt. It's that simple.

PS Well, maybe it's not that simple. The message I got from the Busdriver said the conference fee was $20, but the registration page says it's only $15. We'll make it work, don't worry.


No way I could be in the same room with

Erick (son of erick) Erickson and not laugh hysterically at him whether he was speaking or not.

The guy is such a parody of self-loathing and bigotry that I could only picture him as a cartoon caricature of the pictures I've seen of him in the past. Which look like cartoon caricature's of Woody Woodpecker after an all nighter at Super Pizza Hut including the all you can eat pasta bar.

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