Stand up for Equality

Most Americans believe gays and lesbians deserve equal rights. An angry few disagree, and they want to write hate into our Constitutions. Not only that, they want to use hate to drum up Republican turnout in the fall. Loathesome? Yes. But it worked in 2004.

What can you do? Three things . . . all quick, easy and guaranteed to make a difference:

1. Oppose the proposed "anti-marriage" amendment to the NC State Constitution at:

2. Oppose the proposed "anti-marriage" federal amendment at:

3. Spread the word. Ask others to do the same.


And don't forget

you can easily contact your state representatives using the "take action!" button at the left side of your screen. Give it a try!

Thanks for this post jelibe. This defense-of-marriage stuff would just about make me pull my hair out if I had any.