An anonymous person in my neighborhood has been leaving books in my mailbox. The second one arrived today. It is called "The Final Days" by Barbara Olson. This one promises to reveal:

How the Clintons and the Rodhams enriched themselves with "Pardons for Sale." The scandalous story of Marc Rich - his connection to Castro's Cuba, Libya's Gaddafi, and Bill Clinton. How Hillary shamelessly solicited gifts, a shakedown artists in a pink dress. The other Travelgate: how Clinton's globtrotting cost taxpayers half a billion dollars.

I suppose my anonymous neighbor thinks I'll read this piece of crap book and come to the startling realization the the Clinton administration was a horrible blight on our nation's history. Think again, dear neighbor. And while you're at it, think about the $27.95 you paid for this hardback book being dumped in the recycling bin along with the first book you gave me. Because frankly, I don't spend one second of any day thinking about Bill Clinton. Nope, the person on my mind is Dear Leader, King George W. Bush, the continuing disaster that is our president. So please. Keep your trashy books out of my mailbox.


A post-it note

on your mailbox that says something like "amazing and eye opening! please, more!" could keep another $27.95 out of some winger's campaign fund.

I was thinking of something more

Like a severed hand. Not really a severed hand, though, wouldn't want to scare the post person.

Really, Really Poor Taste Alert

If you ever want to think highly of me again, please, read no further.

You could leave a note saying: "You wanna end up like Vince Foster? Cuz I know people."


We hardly knew ya!


A post it Note that says my Mama's Uncle is John Gotti!

It's a federal crime

As someone that has canvassed a crap load in my life I know that it is a serious crime to tamper with or put anything in a persons mail mail box unless it is the owner or a postal carrier. At first I though this to be a bit extreme but apparently the USPS takes this stuff real seriously and the fine is pretty hefty. You are not even allowed to hang an item on the box. Time to set up a camera and conduct some warrant-less surveillance.

I think the closest I can come..

to a story like that, is that right after GW won reelection, someone ran over the John Kerry sign in our front yard. Next time, I play to place two election signs on both sides of an old tree stump that's about three feet high. I beg them to do it again.

It just occured to me.

I can show you what I'm talking about.

The Kerry sign you see was flattened as someone purposly swerved into our yard (after this was taken), and you can just see the stump I plan to cover with signs in the future.


Stalkers. Hit and runners. This points to an essential characteristic of the Dark Side. They're assholes.

Last year in SC

someone kept stealing my Kerry/Edwards sign. So, I hung up a homemade sign saying "You can steal my sign, but you can't steal my vote! Democrats for honesty and integrity." It showed up broken the next day.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I see lots of car targets

I see a bush, a stump and trees. John and I have an agreement - no signs. This past election Katie put a Kerry sign in her bay window upstairs. It was very visible and her father would never dare ask her to take it down. Hehehe....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Hi sweetie pie!

Good to see your lovely voice this morning!

Hiya! I'm happy to be sneaking in here...

I shouldn't be here. When you're in the middle of painting the house and a guest is due and your married to a man who does NOT go with the flow....well...let's just say...this is NOT convenient. The house almost looks like nobody lives here, but it was not a good time for me to have to do this. I'll never get this place ready to sell. (/rant)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

2004 was the First Year

that I'd ever put up a yard sign, a KE sign. It got replaced once with a Richard Burr sign. It's hard to understand the mentality that leads someone to try to stifle someone else's political speech.

Actually, it's not all that hard to understand. It's just a shame that there are people who bring the same level of wit and understanding to a political contest that they'd bring to a college football game.


If I could do that with my EMAIL box, now that would be worth the effort. Dirty rotten spammers.

I have to admit, though, it'll be fun dumping the book in the white paper recycling bin this weekend.

Bumper Stickers stolen

I drove from North Carolina to Texas with Kerry bumper stickers on my car during May of '04. I was expecting some trouble so I brought an extra 5 along with my. By the time I reached Austin in south Texas, I had given away all of my extra stickers to people that stopped me and congratulated me on my taste.

However, towards the end of summer I had a neighbor in the apartment complex that did not see things that way. First the stickers were ripped. I put more up the next day. Then two more were taken off and their were nails laid down behind my tires. I was leaving the next morning so I put 3 more stickers on, parked my car facing towards my apartment and sat in a corner of my balcony waiting. The guy that I expected came home walked up the stairs, turned toward the car, and said "Jesus Christ". I left the next morning before sunrise and laughed at the fact that this asshole was going to be looking for my car the next few days. The only thing better is if I had got a picture of him in the act; my plan was to enlarge it and post it all over the complex and send it to the local news.