Springtime for Hitler

Where did this majority rules idea come from anyway. Just because the majority wants something does not mean it is the best idea. Sometimes the majority is wrong and sometimes it takes good leadership to stand up to the majority and do what is right.

My Two Cents Worth: I am Sick of Poll Numbers and this Majority Rules B.S.

Yes, we can only hope that this strong leader will put the whiny bastards in their places! The consent of the governed is so passe.


Man, you are slummin' today.

The irony of course, is that we never have anything even remotely resembling a 'majority' involved in any public policy decisions. Five percent turnout? The majority is asleep. Sometimes I think that may be the best thing all around.

I like how one commenter 'splained it yesterday: "My vote counts for 30!"

ROFL...dead on A

I was gonna ask Lance why on earth he would go read that crap. He's linked to this guy before.... Ahhhhhh...back to packing.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Because I have a fondness

for wingers who just come out and say what they're all thinking.


Yeah, and his old Daddy used to be one. Thank God he never listened to his old man!