A special message from former Sen. Robert Morgan

Friends, I am humbled and honored to have the support of former U.S. Senator Robert Morgan. His leadership for North Carolina is greatly missed and I hope to return his seat back to the people of North Carolina by defeating Richard Burr in November. -- Elaine

A Special Message from Former U.S. Senator Robert Morgan:

Over thirty years ago, I had the distinct honor to be a United States Senator.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve the people of North Carolina that I have always cherished. It was a different time then. Sure, there were partisan politicians and obstructionists, but this Senate sure is different than my day.

A fundamental trust has been broken between Washington and the American people. When I served in the United States Senate, we got things done and there was a level of professional decorum that we adhered too. That has sadly changed since then, but it can be restored -- if, we elect the right leader for the job.

That is why I am supporting Elaine Marshall for Senate. Will you join me?

North Carolina needs a leader with a record of taking on the very same special interests who dominate Washington. North Carolina needs a leader who will fight for the middle-class and restore common sense leadership to the U.S. Senate. There are many good candidates running this election cycle, but only one of them has the experience and record of taking on Wall Street and special interests: Elaine Marshall.

She's taken on lobbyists in North Carolina...and won.

She's taken on Wall Street...and won.

She's taken on the establishment...and won.

Elaine Marshall is the right person at the right time. She is above and beyond the best candidate to elect in November, and I’m proud to support her campaign. But the truth is, however, she cannot win it alone.

Chip in $5 or more and join me in supporting Elaine Marshall’s campaign for United States Senate. I know what it takes to be a U.S. Senator – and Elaine Marshall has it!

Thank you very much,

Robert Morgan
Former United States Senator


Morgan's endorsement good enough for me

Back when I was young, handsome and daring, I had the distinct honor and privilege to receive my Oath of Enlistment by the former Senator Robert Morgan. I can't say enough good things about the man. Any endorsement by Senator Morgan is good enough for me. Elaine has my vote.

Senator Morgan is one of the

Senator Morgan is one of the outstanding Democrats ever to come out of our state. Had it not been for the Congressional club with their money and unethical tactics he would have served as our senator for many years. You can't fit an aircraft carrier in the Panama Canal!

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Morgan is a legend

Former U. S. Senator Robert Morgan is a legend in North Carolina politics. He held public office, including Harnett County clerk of the court, state senator, state attorney general and U. S. senator, for over 30 years. He also was the state bureau of investigation director for a number of years. He has never wavered from the Democratic Party fold. I remember he boldly invited Vice President Hubert Humphrey, a renowned liberal of his day, to Harnett County to speak in one of his campaigns... and on the Campbell University campus, at that.

Now, I am proud that he has contributed to my campaign for the NC Senate, Dist. 15 (by the way, I was raised in Harnett County), and I know Elaine Marshall must be proud to have his support, too. What a grand fellow Robert Morgan is and we're glad to talk of him in the present tense. He is in his 80s and is still keeping us on our toes.

Charles Malone

Charles Malone