Speaking as a Layman, this is Lame. Man.

Sorry for the title, but this is just about the dumbest argument against a minimum wage increase that I've ever heard:

He says the higher the wage, the more likely minimum-wage jobs will attract people into the work force who haven't been seeking jobs in the past. Who are those people? Teenagers from wealthy families. Those teens begin to crowd out other teens and adults for minimum-wage jobs, so the higher minimum wage actually makes it harder for a low-income adult to find a job to support his family.

Right. Chase and Brittany, who would rather hang out at the club than flip burgers at $5.15 an hour are going to be beating down the doors to do that same job at $6.00 an hour.

Look, son of a salesman and a school teacher, I was never a rich kid. But in High School even I was able to go apply at the nicer stores, wearing nicer clothes, and earn more than minimum wage. The children of the wealthy aren't earning within $0.85 of the minimum wage.


I thought it was Biff and Buffy

but you're right...it's lame.

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