Speaking of Asses and Cons....

Chuckie Baby Needs a Little Shout Out this Morning!

All this and more can be found at Scrutiny Hooligans

Disclaimer...This photo wasn't photoshopped....it just had a few words stuck to it by the most excellent Syntax.



This is wonderful . . . hope it goes viral!

aww, you're too kind, really. :)

seriously, most of the credit for that has to go to screwy hoolie and his google image search skillz. there's only so much that you can do to a pic like that!

It's hilarious and you deserve

all the accolades we heap at your feet! It will be fun to use throughout the campaign.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

that should be the real poster for "snakes on a plane"!

you know what would be cool? seeing the look on ol' chuckie's stroke-addled face when he sees this, remembers the photo op, realizing that this will have almost the same effect on him as riding around in a tank had on dukakis, and then fully appreciating what kind of effect the internet can actually have.

but he'll probably just shrug it off and have deborah potter quote irrelevant hall & oates lyrics and accuse john armor and his band of left-wing radicals of starting a smear campaign.

blaming John Armor

would be a good thing. You don't want it attributed to Heath Shuler.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Taylor Will Say

Whatever he wants. He can attribute anything he wants to Heath Shuler, and he will. It's up to us to get him on defense and keep him there. He's a dirty player and will lie outrageously in order to color Shuler's reputation. If he lies about this, at least it's easily rebuttable.

Bring it on, Charles Taylor. You are unethical. You are a smear campaigner. You are up against an honest man with the huevos to stand up to your intimidation.

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We're counting on you to push us in the right direction to support Heath, at least I am anyway. And I totally agree, getting Chuck 'Delay' Taylor on the defensive is absolutely the right thing to do. What's the next move?

he's already started

did you read the letters to the editor section of the sunday ac-t? particularly this one?

I recently received one of the stranger phone calls of my life. A pleasant sounding fellow was on the other end of the line (in Eugene, Ore.) asking if I wouldn’t mind answering a few questions about politics in Western North Carolina. I said “sure,” mostly just curious what he might ask me. For 15 minutes this young man regaled me with tales of Heath Shuler’s evil versus Rep. Charles Taylor’s goodness and would intermittently ask “Would this fact make you more likely or less likely to vote for (Shuler) or (Taylor)?” I would repeatedly respond that under no circumstances would I vote for Taylor and cited banking irregularities, the disappearing CAFTA no-vote and the Abramoff scandal as my reasons. Finally the caller chuckled, realizing he wasn’t getting anywhere and said, “That’s cool, I’m with the Green Party out here in Oregon; this is just a part-time job while I’m in school.” And we said goodbye to each other. Two things angered me about this conversation; one that Taylor finds it necessary to push-poll to get reelected, and two that he (apparently) outsourced the job to Oregon.

Kevin Fox,


iirc, the pollster that called me a couple of months ago on behalf of the heath shuler campaign was based in alabama, so outsourcing isn't really that uncommon. but the fact that taylor is launching one of these push-polls this early is very telling.

Don't you love the way they smear

Wihtout actually coming out and saying something is true...they just imply it? My mom had a candidate do that against her...saying she voted with Republicans more than any other Dem. The fact was she had the second highest vote rate going with Dems - was tied with the two other women on the council and voted with Dems more than the other Dems. Oh...it backfired. Evidently, people in her district can do math....hehehe

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

one very important thought

after a little bit of reptile research, it turns out that the smaller of the two snakes you see on the right-hand side of that picture is actually a reticulated python and not a boa constrictor as reported.

the syntax of things regrets the error. ;)

Well, that just shot your credibility

all to hell. We might let you slide, though. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.