Someone want to explain this one to me?

Says, in part...

ASHEVILLE — The Asheville area is doing a better job than most of the state’s metropolitan areas in making plans to deal with traffic congestion, partly because it is spending relatively little on public transportation, a report from a conservative think tank says.

Asheville was one of three North Carolina metropolitan areas to receive an A-minus in the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation’s report released Monday, “Traffic Congestion in North Carolina: Status, Prospects, and Solutions.” That was the highest grade given.


Now, I don't know about you, but this makes no sense to me. Of course, given the source of the report AND the paper reporting it, perhaps that's it.


It's BS


Somebody in the JLF read 1984 waaaay too many times.

dont blame this on orwell

unless you mean they thought 1984 was an instructional, how-to text....

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"Keep the Faith"

Of Course That's What I Meant

I've read it myself more than once. But I didn't make it my freakin' Bible.