Some unity please!

Let's hope that after we have the winners in all the runoff campaigns tomorrow, that ALL Democratic candidates and campaigns from Obama on down will join up with the DNC, the NCDP and all 100 county Democratic Parties for a coordinated GOTV campaign for all candidates including the judges.

I hope we don't have a repeat of the 2008 campaign when we had 5 different "coordinated campaigns" that were anything BUT coordinated. And let's hope some cooler and more experienced heads prevail and we don't repeat the 2010 disaster!


Might happen

but I wouldn't hold my breath. With some conservaDems running from the president while others cross party lines to pass Herr Tillis' corrupt budget while others still try to divide and conquer state employees, it's hard to see any entity having enough clout to pull the herd of cats into alignment.