Some Reporters Just Amaze Me!

Dear Mr/Ms GOP Conservative Reporter,

Well, I just so happened to miss A_ _hole without Leave,Bush's immigration speech. Not that I wanted to but I did so kick me.

I did a little snooping. They were authorized when he first took office to put on 2000 more agents out of which they still are short of 700.

Me haveing worked at the ASA Communications Center in AZ called up a old Army buddy who still lives out there to confirm some things.

98% of most all NG Units in that area are MP units and some of you idiot reporters on TV are telling that they will have no Law Enforcement Rights. WRONG!!!

It is the National Guard! The NG oath states you will enforce the laws of and protect the State and awnser to the Governor also. Now, Just how does this relate to us? Well,In the most basic of Layman's terms it means this.

Unlike the regular Army where you wait for a Command to be issued to you the Guard in its home state mission can do a little different. In protection of the State, All they are required to do is issue a challenge to a approaching subject, if he dosent stop, they issue it again,if he's is still comming they then have authority to open fire.

Now Mr. GOP conservative reporter consider this. We had a Deputy leave here to go to work for the Border Patrol. After training in Brownsville he was assigned a post. Although he is no longer with them he did tell us this. The mules bringing the pack trains across will hand a envelope to certain officers who then just walk off. The illeagals then cross only to be caught and then took back and be caught again the next night!

So should the system that is in place first be repaired and improved which the GOP has no plains for doing ,OR, do we just shoot to kill everyone crossing the border? Yes, I live in a all white county in the mountains and NO im not raceist. I have black friends,Hispanic friends,some of whom I became friends with while in the military and would give the shirt off my back. I have Native American friends here on the Reservation I would be willing to die for. It is legal for them to be here.

Yes, I beleive that if you are going to be in this country,then come into it legaly! Just as our relatives did so many years ago when they entered thru Ellis Island! We are all imigrants in one form or another. Yes, I would rather have my troops at home guarding our border than getting killed in Iraq but you have not even touched on the
subject of controling the vast wasteland of the border to the north which is where I would be crossing if I were a terrorist due to the lack of protection.
So Mr/Mrs Conservative GOP reporter, Please investigate the WHOLE situation and get ALL the facts before reporting.


Fat luck getting reporters to give fair coverage

They know who writes their checks.

Good points, Daniel. What WILL be the rules of engagement?

And I wonder how much was in that envelope? I might need to know the going rate to deter a national guard officer one day. Or was that the border patrol?
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the Drama.


Well DQ, It was to the Border Patrol but that is a great point about SOME of our weekend warriors!!