Sock Puppets and Astroturf Part 1

Over the past several months George Fisher, David W Moore, Chris Telesca, and a number of fake accounts suspected to be tied to Moore, have created chaos on Facebook as they jumped from one Democratic party group or page to another spreading lies and rumors in an attempt to smear Patsy Keever, while bolstering support for Randy Voller.

Numerous Facebook groups and pages have been created, while real and fake accounts have been used to create a large-scale astroturf campaign that from the outside makes it look like Randy Voller supporters have more support for their cause than they do – whether it is smearing Keever or promoting Randy Voller or Marshall Adame.

This is part one of this story.

Who the heck is Mary Greene?

The most recent incident tops all others. It features a white man posing as a black woman calling a white woman (not Keever) a racist. At least, that is what the facts of the situation seem to indicate.

I initially became aware of Mary Green when David W Moore added me to the group DEMOCRATIC NC District 3 VOTE Marshall Adame. I don’t like being added to groups without my permission, but I’ve liked Marshall since his 2008 campaign, so I didn’t immediately leave. I noticed it had been started by one of his sons, and assumed it was being repurposed from Marshall’s congressional campaign.

When I checked to see who the admins were, I found that there was only one and her name was Mary Greene, a woman I did not know. I noticed that David W Moore had added Mary Greene to the account that Monday and then had turned the entire Marshall Adame group over to her. This is highly unusual and I immediately suspected that David and Mary were the same people based on past history with Moore and his sock puppets.

It didn’t take long for others to prove me right. The next day a friend directed me to the LinkedIn account of Yvette Perry, who has the exact profile picture of Mary Greene. Others were very quick to this same discovery and started warning their friends about Mary and all of the new groups that had popped up with her listed as an admin. How did so many people fall for this account? As recently as February 3, Marshall Adame had "liked" an endorsement of him posted by Mary, so it would be easy for people to assume she is legitimate. It is important to state here that there is no indication that Marshall had any idea that this person was not real.

Before we discovered that Mary was a fake account, there were a couple of exchanges involving her that raised eyebrows. One occurred when Sarah Anderson, President of Democratic Women of North Carolina, asked Mary to stop tagging the group in her messages. Sometimes people tag a group in order to lend credence to their message.

In her message Sarah requested that Mary:

Please stop tagging the Democratic Women of NC. You are welcome to speak for your local chapter providing they have given you that authority but you may not imply you are speaking on behalf of the DWNC nor that the DWNC is endorsing any candidate.

Mary replied:

Save that for the white women on your site whose vileness you ignore.

Mary then took to Facebook where she left this update, tagging those mentioned:

In the past 24 hours I’ve had two North Carolina white democrats try to intimidate and threaten me. Sarah Aderson (Democratic Women of North Carolina) & Jay Calendine (Lee County (NC) Democratic Party) You closet racists don’t this black woman around. You ain’t running no plantation here! GOT IT!

So, how does he pull it off? It appears that Moore creates these fake accounts and makes them administrators of large groups that he runs. After that person is active in the group, it is easy to get people to accept friend requests. Mary, who just joined Facebook this month even had someone tell her how beautiful she is when she uploaded the picture of Yvette as her profile picture. Mary doesn't exist. Nobody knows Mary, yet people see she is friends with their friends and they like her posts and congratulate her for her accomplishments.

Part 2 of Sock Puppets & Astroturf coming soon

Mary Greene's new Facebook (Please click for a larger image)

Mary's "borrowed" photo (Please click for a larger image)



Thank you, Pat!

So happy to see you stopping in.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And why is it on the front page - still?

While healthcare, workers comp are on the Second Front?
(disclaimer: not my site and I can not make demands --- but. come on, this does seem rather childish and I won't be sending any local county party members/potential members to BlueNC until it is bumped down a bit)

The workers comp thing

was a double post. I put one of them on the front page, and normally I would have deleted the extra one, but things have been a little hectic.

Well...since we do not have paid staff

...these things wait until one of us is available and it would be nice if you would let us have a weekend every now and then.

I'm at the SEC meeting and need to pay attention to the meeting instead of bowing to your demands.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You know...the longer I think about this

the angrier I get.

It is extremely arrogant of you, (and you are writing under an avatar, so I do not know who you are) to expect us to work late on a Friday night or to get up early on a Saturday morning to publish a fresh blog post just because you do not like what is on the front page at a time.

We do not make any money doing this. We have families and lives outside of this blog. You would not believe how many people have thanked me for these posts exposing the underhanded mess that has been going on at the hands of these men. You may not like it and I certainly do not want you to feel unwelcome here, but your demand is petty and it isn't considerate of the time we put in here.

I'm sorry...I just had to get that off my chest.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Those were my posts on Workers Comp, and I did not mind

that the issue was not immediately moved to front page.

This was not an issue requiring urgent response, and ut was covered by mainstream media. On the other hand, I found Betsy's post required attention of frequent BlueNC readers given many are voting at SEC meeting today.

If you are not willing to post under your own name, I find it difficult to take your comments seriously

Martha Brock


My name is Tammie Kirkland and I am in the CuCL precinct (cunningham-chublake) of Person county - hence the pseudonym - inspired by PersonDem -- whom I know in meat-space.
So now that you know my "real" name, does that mean what I write is more important or more true?
[And since I am registered at BlueNC with a email account that is my name, can't the site admins know that? or not?]

I have no problem with the spats being aired on the site (and again: I have NO say - it's NOT my site) but it's not what I want to send new folks out to see when I am trying to convince them to come to precinct meetings --- and I am making precinct calls this weekend.
"Second front" would have been a lovely place for it (in my opinion - again NOT my site - I don't get a say).

But I volunteered to make calls in my county -- and it is unfair for me to try to use BlueNC to assist with persuading new or inactive Ds to become active.

Sorry to offend. I'll try not to do it again.

And now I'll go check out the live blog of the SEC... thanks for that.

No doesn't make it more important

I said that simply because I didn't know whether I was speaking with someone that I know in real life. If that had been the case I would much rather speak with someone I know in real person, not in these comments.

I only check email addresses when there is a problem. I really don't have time to do that most days unless I am resetting a password manually or helping someone troubleshoot problems on the site.

I will front page all of the shenanigans. One of the men involved in those sock puppet campaigns is in the ballot room after the chairs election. A lot of people have a problem with that after what he has done. I only wish I'd finished writing the second piece. Maybe we could have prevented this interference.

Glad you are enjoying the live blog....and PersonDem is awesome!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Well, that certainly was a nice thing to say

Thank you for all you do to shine a light in this ever darkening state of ours.

And just in case they are watching ... thanks to Steve and the recently (allegedly :) ) retired James for keeping things going around here.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Front Page News

As far as I am concerned, anytime women are being belittled and used in such a derogatory fashion by the likes of these so called men, it should be front page news regardless of why they are doing it. The fact is they are a bunch of liars and instigators that enjoy manipulating people and don't mind stepping on women to get it done. They should be outed and we should applaud Betsy and BlueNC for making it front page news. It should be on the main stream news and this one guy Moore should probably be in jail. Check your friends list people and block these buffoons.

Silence is Betrayal


What is in that air that makes everyone so quick to take umbrage?

I don't have to tell you that the printed word does not convey tone of voice. Sometimes the words in our heads don't seem as sharp as they look on paper, where they serve to escalate an interaction. We can avoid some of what sounds to those who don't know us personally as petty party politics by thinking twice before hitting the Post button. And that is true for all involved--the men you are criticizing and the rancor that follows. And Tammy is correct--it is hard to attract people to join us in our efforts by showing them our scrapes and bruises.

Let's not allow these arguments to cause us to act like Repubs who simply push those they don't want to hear from out of their positions. We need to continue the Big Tent philosophy. That means that sometimes you are going to hear things you don't like--I know I do. But Dems have to be willing to hear from all, not just those who agree with us.

Right now our creative energies and focus needs to be on electing Dems to local offices in the fall. I have openly posted on David Moore's Integrity Group page that he is out of line in attacking elected officials at this point in time and requested that he stop doing this.I didn't call him any names. I hope some of you will do the same. Blocking him does not stop him from reaching out to voters. Challenging him on his own fb page will give those voters another point of view.

My experiences with misogyny are a bit different than what I saw on line. In a meeting once, I was asked by a younger man, Vicki, you have been doing this job a long time, what is your experience with this issue? I explained my experiences. He replied, Well, that can't be right!!

On more than one occasion I have put forward an idea and you would think it had fallen into a void, the silence is so thick. Conversation resumes with no comment, but 3 minutes later, a man puts forward the very same idea and is lauded with applause. Yes, I called them on it.

That is misogyny that bothers me.

Give that Jeb Bush both hired and has now fired a tech expert because of his misogynist, sexist and homophobic comments on Twitter, all should be on notice to take care in what they post.
We had enough rancor before the election. Let's move on.

This was posted before the election

...and I disagree that there is any room for misogyny in any form under our tent, just like there is no room for racism or homophobia. Big tent refers to policies and issues - not hatred.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.