So Renee, do you support Paul Ryan’s bill to gut Medicare?

Update by James with short answer: Yes, Ellmers does support destroying Medicare.

Last cycle, Republican’s across the nation ran against President Obama’s healthcare reform plan by scaring seniors about ‘Death Panel’s’ and how the President’s plan would cut over $500 billion from Medicare. Although both claims are completely misleading, that didn’t stop Renee Ellmers from using those lies to attack Bob Etheridge for his support of heathcare reform.

Now with Renee Ellmers running for reelection in 2012, will she line up behind Congressman Paul Ryan’s giveaway to the insurance industry that cuts over $1 trillion from Medicare?

Ryan’s plan of privatizing and voucherizing Medicare does nothing to address the increases in health insurance premiums. Ryan's bill revives George Bush’s Medicare Advantage corporate welfare program. Ryan caps health insurance inflation by fiat; simply by limiting the vouchers to below the rate of rise in health care costs. Seniors that can’t afford the increases in health insurance premiums will be forced into buying junk insurance that gives high profits to insurers but provides little value to consumers (and taxpayers).

If you live in Ellmer's district please tell her NOT to support Paul Ryan's plan to privatize Medicare:

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers contact form



what a disgusting waste of oxygen. There's no doubt in my mind that she'll sign on to gut/end/destroy/eliminate Medicare.

Privatized Medicare is no Medicare at all.

CBO on Ryan's/Ellmer's Plan:

Here is what the Congressional Budget Office had to say about the Republican plan to kill Medicare:

Voucher recipients would probably have to purchase less extensive coverage or pay higher premiums than they would under current law, for two reasons. First, most of the savings for Medicare under the proposal stem from reducing the amounts that the federal government would pay for enrollees on a per capita basis, relative to the projections under current law. Second, future beneficiaries would probably face higher premiums in the private market for a package of benefits similar to that currently provided by Medicare.

So Renee Ellmer's wants to raise taxes on senior citizens, with that money going to private insurers. Seniors under the Ryan plan get less, and pay more.