So Hot a Wave!

It's time to give up on the yard and keep the pets inside; it's a heat wave, folks. (I guess that's still better than a wave o' babies.) Keep us posted about what the temperature is in your neighborhood, check on the elderly, and save yourself from heat stroke by staying in and blogging.


I'm headed to the dog park

As this is about the only time today that it will be bearable to be out there. Bye!

I'm headed out to walk Lizzy

I've got to get her off this couch! It was a bit cooler out this morning than the past few mornings, but I know that will come to an end.

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bored kid and guest from abroad

I am spending a fortune on indoor entertainment for my son - bowling, Chuck E. Cheese, etc. He has some camps but not enough. Tomorrow I have an old friend from England coming to visit. No worries about her and the heat, as she goes to India for long stretches and was there during the tsunami. Even NC in August can't beat that!

It is strange to try to explain this country to foreign friends and relatives, though. Especially when my brain does poorly in the heat.


"...there during the tsunami. Even NC in August can't beat that!"

Give that 20 years or so!


I have to admit that as much as my girls read...

they've become terribly familiar with Gamecube this summer. Oh my! I remember those days, though, when I had to plan their activities somewhat. It gets easier on your time. It doesn't get any less expensive, though.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Just brought daughter back

from summer camp near Hillsville, Virginia. Drama, music, dance, magic, etc. The temperature there, in the Blue Ridge mountains was WAY more comfortable than three hours east in the Triangle. Ten degree spread at least.

yeah, we're lucky up here in the mountains

temperatures are consistently 10° cooler up here than they are in the rest of the state and in upstate south carolina.

having to drive 30 minutes in 90° weather in a car without air conditioning, though... it's nearly impossible to avoid the al bundy-style pit stains on the shirt. blech.

Oh, yes

I spent a couple of summers working in Black Mountain, NC, and as a girth-challenged American I'd have to say they were among the most pleasant summers of my life (temperature-wise, anyway).

Jon Ham gets something right!

I'm just going to go ahead and treat this like an open thread.

I'm fond of saying that Jon Ham is a total hack. (What, I've never said that? Well I'll have to start.) I've commented on a couple of his Locker Room posts here at BlueNC before, but those that deserve comment and have gone unmentioned are legion. If his name is over a post, you can fairly well assume that the thing is a mishmash of bad logic and goofy assumptions and that the whole thing exudes more than a whiff of naff. So I'm not that big a Jon Ham fan.

Which is why I feel that it's important to point out the rare occasion when he hits a nail on its head. You know, for fairness. Here's today's broken clock moment:

I just got back from a vacation that took me to 12 states (if you count D.C.) and two countries (U.S. and Canada). I drove 2,496 miles and the worst bit of road I encountered in all that time was the first 40 miles of I-85 upon entering North Carolina from Virginia. Even in upstate New York, northern Vermont and Canada, where winter freezes give them an excuse, the worst roads were better than what greets visitors entering our state on this hideous stretch.

Yep, that's true, and I've often thought the same. I-85 in Northern NC is like the backlot for a Mad Max movie that never got made ("Piedmont Peril!").

Central PA

is wonderful this time of year. Hot and humid durin' the day, then drops down to about 60 at night. Good "sleeping with the windows open" weather.

p.s. About the roads in N.C. Bulls**t. Come to Clearfield County Pennsylvania and see what bad roads are all about. This area up around here has the most freeze-thaw cycles of anyplace I've been told (actually up near Clarion area), which causes all the potholes. NC Roads are scenic byways in comparison. And, I just drove up I-85 from Durham and I didn't even blink at the road.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I've really got to disagree

Not about PA, but about I-85 south of the VA line. In my little Nissan the noise from all the bumps and scrapes competes with conversation. Sometimes the jostles are downright jarring!


I checked one of the therometers (which had the sun on it) 92 degrees. I steped out on my front porch and a light breeze hit me and after I was out for a few minnutes I would estamate mid-high 80's.
And remember I live at 34ooft in elevation which should stay cooler.
As for I-85, Ah yes, That infamous strech of road into North Carolina, It used to be that when I came home from D.C. on a weekend I could depend on it to at least wake me up and bring me to full attention once I crossed into the Tarheel state! The only way of my avoiding the NCSHP!

In True NASA form..SYNTAX !,We have a problem!..

Syntax, I took a moment to check the forcast on the Weather Channel. It is the same as the Skywarn page (Skywarn-Amateur Radio Weather group im in). Looking at those 100-110 degree temps moveing dangerously close to our area of the Smokies!! Of course I do have a advantage as there are 5 lakes in Graham County one of which (Calderwood) stays a constant 40 degrees what with the water comming directly off the bottom of Fontana Lake, Now that is one cold lake on a 90+ degree day! So now that I let the secret out ,We might as well bring the whole gang over for a swim. It is the same lake that Harrison Ford was susposed to be doing a header off Cheoah Dam into the water in the Movie "The Fugitive". And I am tellin the truth when I tell ya that after about 4-5 minutes in it your darn feet & legs WILL turn BLUE, So I guess you could then call us all TRUE BLUENCers!

40° in the summertime???

wow... for that kind of cooling action i may be able to get over the irrational hydrophobia that prevents me from spending more than five seconds in a lake, river, ocean, or swimming pool.

(fortunately for everyone around me, the hydrophobia does not extend to showering)

grandfather mountain is also a great place to cool off on a hot day.

but nothing, i mean NOTHING, beats getting out of the shower and standing nekkid in front of a window-unit air conditioner. (sorry, didn't mean to take ya'll there! heh heh...)