So funny I forgot to laugh

Just in case your Monday isn't off to a good start, I found some happy talk this morning from Stagemanager John Hood over at the Art Pope Puppetshow. What's the subject of Mr. Hood's latest column? Why it's health care! Now that's something we can all laugh about!

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play on TV. But my teenage nickname was “Doc,” one of my online-superhero alter egos is name after another famous “Doc,” and I have just successfully bandaged my son’s foot. So I’m taking the liberty today of prescribing a course of treatment for those suffering from Health Issues Confusion Courting Unwise Policy Syndrome (HICCUPS).

To no one's surprise, of course, Mr. Hood's column is not about healthcare at all. It's about the glory of free-market madness and the lucrative business of job creation. Who cares about the uninsured, the poor, and the mentally ill. There's money to be made, by god, and the supply of sick people in misery looks more promising than ever.

As incomes rise, people are unlikely to spend a fixed percentage on goods such as food or cars – particularly as goods become less expensive through the very practices discussed above (productivity gains and imports). Those spending shares will shrink. That means spending on other goods and services must grow, as we spend our savings on things that improve our quality of life. Health care is near the top of that list, which also includes education, personal services, and recreation.

See? It's all a matter of supply and demand? No worries at all! And if you happen to be one of those unfortunate people who don't have savings to spend on things that improve your quality of life? Who cares! You don't deserve health care anyway! Feeling good is for rich people who work in "multi-million-dollar opinion-manufacturing" machines. Don't worry, you'll die soon enough.

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Don't worry.

Hood promises he'll be back later in the week with an encore to this morning's joviality! I can hardly wait.


Im just gonna list the things that made me yell:

if nothing is done either to tighten eligibility, reform the benefits package, combat fraud, or give low-income recipients incentives to consume medical services wisely.

I dont even know where to begin. These are the only problems? Giving help to less people, giving less help to more people, or investigating the poor. Thats it. The only solutions you could come up with?

What’s happening is that productivity is soaring in many industries

Umm... We can go in circles all day, but I trust every major paper in America over "Doc"

Furthermore, as is widely known, some industries are increasingly employing people outside the United States, providing consumers with tremendous benefits in price

Sigh. What was it I said about Republicans being so hell bent on protecting capitalism they are going to prove Marx true? These people are not sane.

Much of what American consumers are purchasing from their health providers is what economist Arnold Kling calls “premium medicine” – expensive procedures that bring marginal benefits, if any, to patients. Also, many analysts and voters are concerned about disparities in health care access and outcomes, be they within the United States or between our country and the rest of the developed world.

Here he finally gets to the actual health care crisis, and then tells us to wait. Why even write this article?

Lyndon Helton for NC Senate

"Keep the Faith"

Thanks for taking time

to do that analysis. I was too steamed to give it the dismantling it deserves, but you did a great job. I guess when you're the Stagemanager and you have to write a column a day and have nothing of interest to say, you kind of have to stretccccccchhhhhhh things out a little?

A, don't know how you can hold your breath so long

cause the Stank just makes me lose my lunch, (and breakfast oh and last nights dinner...and last weeks dinner..and and last months breakfast.)

btw, was the hood holding a carrot like a cigar?

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