Smear campaign against Bill Faison?

I've just begun following a new blog seemingly obcessed with the NCDP. Recently it has begun attacking Bill Faison, who is running against David Parker to become the new party chair.

Curious to the identity of the person(s) behind this blog (I think I know who it is except that the blog is written better than his emails, so I'm not sure), I asked on Twitter. Here's the snarky, non-answer. Interestingly my profile image was hacked between the time I asked and got the answer:

Gotta love transparency.


That's certainly how I see it

Our own little Peyton Place. And people wonder why I'm unaffiliated these days!

I remember

I only know of one person that likes to mess with photos. After looking at the site it could well be the return of the most famous sock puppets in Wake.


One thing's for sure - it's

One thing's for sure - it's not Gene.

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

How do you know that?

I think most people suspect it is him.

The language doesn't match at

The language doesn't match at all. The author only uses the word "progressive" three times, whereas Gene uses it all of the time. The author uses the terms "tool" and "epic fail," which probably indicate someone younger. Gene constantly berates BlueNC users for being anonymous, but the blogger is anonymous. It doesn't read like Gene.

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

Smears against Faison

Interestingly, I find the first assertions against "Faison" are false. That is, the suggestion that Faison does not actually have the endorsement of Perdue or Hackney, for example, I know is not so. Both Perdue and Hackney are indeed backing Faison. Whether one wants to parse the word "endorse" or not, both Perdue and Hackney acknowledge their support for Faison over Parker. As for the others mentioned, I don't know because I haven't bothered to look.

What is the exact form of the support?

That is, the suggestion that Faison does not actually have the endorsement of Perdue or Hackney, for example, I know is not so. Both Perdue and Hackney are indeed backing Faison. Whether one wants to parse the word "endorse" or not, both Perdue and Hackney acknowledge their support for Faison over Parker.

Is the support that you claim both Perdue and Hackney have provided to Faison readily available someplace that I could read it?

Claiming that it's good that someone is running for office could be considered support or even an endorsement if you are the only candidate that was said to. Parker is claiming that Perdue has said it's a good thing that Parker is running - that we have so many choices for the race. So I am not sure that anyone could claim that the Governor is supporting any one candidate over another.

I said before that I wanted a NCDP Chair who is not joined at the hip with the Gov or the Legislature - I want someone who represents me as a Democratic Party member. I've seen it mentioned that Faison claims he will not run for re-election to his House seat if elected NCDP Chair.

But I'd be more convinced if Faison stated that if elected NCDP Chair, he'd do two things:

1) immediately resign his House seat and allow the House District Executive Committee to select his successor; and

2) promise not to run for ANY other elected public office until his term of office as NCDP Chair expires.

That would prove to me that he's committed to being NCDP Chair and doesn't have too many irons in the fire.

Here in Wake County we had a sitting party Chair who decided to run for County Commissioner on the last day of the filing period. He was pretty much AWOL from his position as party Chair from that time on even though he didn't officially resign until August and his successor wasn't elected until September. Our party suffered greatly during this period of time and to be honest I see a great deal of similarity between our situation in Wake and the situation here with Faison, and it really isn't leaving me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I talked to other Wake Progressives last night when we had proxies for both candidates show up - and several people in the room told me they weren't thrilled with the "deja vu"!

I don't have to know or trust Faison to feel uncomfortable with a similar situation at the state Party level. Frankly, I worry that any person who is ambitious enough to be BOTH an elected public official and NCDP Chair would be ambitious enough to run for a higher office - especially when they won't promise not to run for any other office.

I really don't care if Herbert Hyde was the last person who was both a sitting legislator and the party Chair. That was so long ago that it's irrelevant. And the circumstances we are in today are so different that bringing Hyde up makes no sense to me!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I read this one posting - and it's wrong!

Perdue phoned Parker, explained Meek's threat and asked him to withdraw from the race. Realizing the governor-elect's predicament, Parker graciously withdrew. Young ran unopposed and was elected by "acclamation." Score: Parker 0, Meek 1.

Bull! David Young had two other people running against him - Luke Hyde and Dannie Montgomery. Not sure how many votes each of them got, but it was obvious that David won - so Luke Hyde made a motion that the votes not be counted and that David be elected by "acclamation".

And there were supposedly a few other candidates for NCDP Chair that Jerry found and endorsed (Tim Toben was one that I heard of) but all the rest either begged off or backed away after the endorsement was made. David Young was the only one who stuck with it.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Thanks for the comments

Brunette - thanks for the info on the endorsements.

Chris - I wish I had a memory worth something. I voted in that election, so you'd think I'd remember it, but I didn't until your reminder. In fact, I think I voted for Hyde.

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

Just got an e-mail....

...and according to it - Hackney is supporting Faison. But then again he doesn't have a vote on the SEC unless he gets a proxy.

It's amazing how many people are in the General Assembly who are not SEC members. How many of them are even active in their county party? Is it any wonder why there is such a disconnect?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

As Minority Leader

Hackney automatically gets a vote on the State Executive Committee.

In a nushell

It is less simple than what I am saying but to answer your question. Growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I learned that most elected officals had thier own political organazations. In Pitt County were I called home during my youth, you had to be a Mason to be elected, if you were a woman you had to be married to a Mason, you could not win without them. Also, a Methodist Church had a monthly mens prayer breakfast, and you had to not only attend but be active in order to win office. In your organization you had a steering committe of about five or six folks, who often were acitive in the Rotary Club, Circle K, the Moose Lodge, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Sons of the American Revolution, the Pirate Club, the Ruritan Club, the Wildlife Hunting club, the Boys Scouts and Little Leauge Baseball. What was soon discovered is that with the support of these groups you neither had much time for the party and you could win without there support so they have become an afterthought to many office holders.

To NCDP Insider & David Parker

NCDP Insider, we get it. You dispise Jerry Meek, and most likely Bill Faison, too. You want David Parker to be the next state chair and you're willing to say anything to make it happen. We get it totally. I don't object to your message or your content, I object to your tone. As your blogs get nastier you aren't telling us anything new. You're just shouting it louder. You are embarrassing this party, and your candidate, in the process.

We're only one week removed from our President's plea for a more civilized political discourse, and in our own party we have one candidate called "Horse shit" by a supporter of the other. What better way for the GOP to deflect attention from the Wake County School Board, finally on the run, than to highlight this embarrassment.

David Parker, I'm calling on you. I know you denied association with NCDP Insider. We get that, too. Are you now going to be silent, while you reap the benefit of the blog? Post a comment on the NCDP Insider web site, or here on BlueNC, and demand civility. Speak out Mr. Parker -- that's what leaders do!

According to NCDP Insider's own words, we are learning a lot about someone by what they say (NCDP Insider) and by what they don't say (David Parker).

Jus Sayin

Well. whoever it is...

I see no reason for David Parker to take up your offer to refute an anonymous blogger who just happens to be rather strongly against Faison; more so than for Parker. I also take his word that he has no idea of who NCDP Insider is. Obviously Bill Faison strikes the NCDP Insider as not serious no matter how ambitious Faison may be. Your assertions make no sense--how can Parker dignify the anonymous commentary. Seems to me he has taken a judicious and diplomatic stance. And your point was.........????



Very few, if any, NC dems take NCDP Insider seriously

I have no idea why you are even mentioning his blog. Parker's nonresponse is entirely appropriate. Ignore the clown and he might go away. I suggest you do the same and stop trying to use that halfwit to score a point against Parker.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Ignoring Gene doesn't make him go away

Nor does it make is "cousin" from Cary and her friends go away.

Gene sticking around, plugging away is how he got in touch with his Cary "cousin" and her friends and how over the years his numbers have gone up.

Now there is an interesting rumor going around - about why Gene hadn't posted for so long, and why his posts are reading a little differently now. The thinking is that Gene wrote some really nasty stuff about some judges and the judges didn't ignore it - they went after him legally. Now Gene is a little more "measured" in his tone, but still out there.

Not sure if he's still writing about the judges, but this does prove that sometimes you can't ignore someone in the hopes they go away - you have to deal with them in a decisive way!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I'll go on record

as being in favor of just shutting the whole internet down. When will the madness stop? Never.

Until-- as I have been arguing since Matt Drudge first invented it-- we just do the right thing and shut the whole dang internet off. Someone figure out where the spigot is, and just shut it off. Please.

I endorse nothing on it. Even the stuff I am directly responsible for creating. All of it, unsourceable gibberish and abortive nonsense. The blithering of adolescent papparazos and porcine narcissists.

During the Presidential campaign of 1896, William McKinley never left his front porch. That's what we've become: a nation of lazy McKinleys who expect the political world to come to us while we play online snooker and slander William Jennings Bryan on Facebook. It's a sham system... and no wonder the Chinese are winning; evidently all they can google is the original "Space Jam" website from 1996 and job listings for piece work at the Zune factory town in Heilongjiang Province.

There is no way we can compete with a people who cannot even watch a single one of the eighty-seven "keyboard cat" remixes on the laptops they personally made. It's over, folks. Chairman Mao rickrolls America in heaven.