Smaller Government needed

Don't you think that we would be better off [...economically and with our educational system] if there was smaller government?


Oooh, I have a non-answer!

There are things that the government is better positioned to do than private actors (like courts and the military); there are things that the government has to do because the market doesn't provide incentives (like a health safety-net for the poor and elderly); and there are things that will take care of themselves. The argument is always over what belongs in which category, but if you can figure that out, then you'll know exactly how big the government should be.

Personally, I'd like to see us spending less money on defense (we now spend more than all the other countries in the world combined; who are we planning on fighting?) and a little more on protecting the poor, sick, and disenfranchised. But then, you already knew I was a liberal.

John, it occurs to me that you probably meant something more specific by your question. What was on your mind?

Not necessarily.

Some areas of our lives might be improved with less bureaucracy . . . public schools come to mind . . . but that doesn't necessarily translate into "smaller government." I can imagine many situations in which government could actually be larger on the whole, but more agile, more distributed in its operations . . . and thereby more effective in meeting the common good.

The issue of size is a red herring. The real questions are about competence. And while there's plenty of evidence that many government activities are woefully incompetent (the entire Bush administration comes to mind) there are also many examples of excellence and effectiveness . . . especially if you broaden your perspective beyond our own borders.

Total Red Herring

If Medicare covered all Americans it would be humungous - and a lot cheaper for everyone than the medical care they have now. In addition, America as a whole would be healthier, we would have less infant death, child death, diabetes, heart attacks, terminal cancers, etc.

Bush should do away with NCLB testing of students (I like teacher testing, though not at the national level) and give control of the schools back to the states and counties. That would decrease the size of the government AND lead to a better education system.

So, size doesn't matter, what matters is if the program is providing something useful to society.

As for defense, we need fewer bases, fewer ships, fewer administrators, and more professional troops with better pay. We also need to discontinue programs that don't work but suck up money, like missile defense and the jump jet.

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Smaller Government needed

I understand your comments mentioned above and I agree with a few of the items. I agree that we need to spend less on defense. As much as America claims to be advanced, America is way behind on issues as they relate to health care, PPOs, and an effective and efficient health care system.