A sinister reflection

There's a cautionary tale to be seen in Wisconsin these days under governor Scott Walker. We all remember when he gained national notoriety for both trying to dissolve government worker's unions and tipping his hand that he was doing so at the behest of the Koch brothers. More recently, he signed into law a voter ID bill nearly identical to the one NC Republicans are currently trying to pass here in the old north state. There, like here, they have little to no problems with voter fraud, making the measure a transparent move to reduce voter turnout.

Having been pushed back on the voter ID bill, the NC general assembly recently slashed a week off of early voting time. If we're not careful, what's happening in Wisconsin could happen here. Where they have the Koch brothers, we have Art Pope. Unless we are vigilant, our democracy can and will be dismantled and sold, piece by piece.


Missing a Crucial Matter

All this vote fiddling with voting and BOE means that the 2012 elections will be confusing, even chaotic -- all of which operates against Democrats who will be working their usual GOTV activities. It will cost us more votes than you think - Obama only won NC by some 14,500 or so votes in 2008 - we stand to lose some 2-300K votes on photo ids alone.



Right you are

which is why the NCDP needs to be mounting a barrage of lawsuits and complaints on every conceivable front.