A silver lining - GFT primary election information

First off, congratulations to all the candidates, staff and volunteers who poured their hearts into these primary elections. Democracy is about choice and we need more people to run for office and more folks engaged in the political process.

Seeing the constitutional amendment pass was disappointing for all of us in the progressive community, ultimately it was a bridge too far. That said, President Obama’s statement today is a step in the right direction and, in time, we will prove Thom Tillis right.

Also want to take a moment and talk about how young candidates running last night fared.

We are proud to say that all three Farm Team endorsed candidates won (or were unopposed) last night, so congratulations to D. Cole Phelps, Drew Reisinger and Bill Luton!

Last night also saw Rep. Marcus Brandon win his primary challenge – so he’ll be back in Raleigh next year!

Rounding up other successful young candidates:

Brad Salmon – Senate District 12
Phil Feagan (unopposed) – Senate District 47
Rep. Susi Hamilton – House District 18
Jennifer Bubenik – House District 26
Rep. Tricia Cotham (unopposed) – House District 100
Jeff Thigpen (unopposed) – Guilford Co Register of Deeds
Ray Jeffers – Person County Board of Commissioners

Also Nathan Baskerville (House District 32) looks to be headed toward a run off with 39.43% of the vote. He’ll face Jim Crawford, Jr. who finished at 31.20%

I take solace in knowing that these folks will be the ones on the front lines repealing this awful amendment in short order.Every poll showed young voters rejecting the amendment at higher rates than any other demographic and with a few more in the General Assembly we wouldn’t have had anything to vote on yesterday.

To those who were unsuccessful, thank you for running. We need young candidates with fresh ideas influencing our political dialogue and your candidacy did just that.

The Farm Team will continue being active in supporting young candidates as the general election nears, so please stay tuned – you can sign up here for email updates! As always you can support our work by donating securely through ActBlue.